Audiovisual auteur LEViT∆TE (aka Connor Campbell) brings his first major drop with MakersPlace with Redefining the Frame.

Artist Statement

Redefining the frame is a series I have made to lean into the modern context of NFTs. A series of audiovisual art designed specifically to be viewed the way I have seen the majority of pieces shown physically in 9:16. 

This aspect ratio specifically fits vertical canvases with no cropping or empty space and is the most effective use of space in a physical gallery, in my experience. This, of course, is a decision for collectors as much as it is my preference as an artist.

Given the goal of optimizing the physical presentation of my pieces, next was the question of the message, or what am I going to say for this series? My choice was to present concepts that we experience but — when we try to express them — find we are bound by the limitations of code.

Starting first with the least abstract phenomenon, we will start with Caustics. Although it is possible to accurately render photorealistic caustics, given the limitation of processing ability and computing power, on some level, shortcuts are inevitable. CG caustics are close to impossible to truly replicate through digital processes, so studying the ways we can examine these “cheats” and compositing techniques makes for a wonderful experience when highlighted and put on display.

Escapism: An emotional phenomenon that often is the driving force behind why digital artists, especially audiovisual artists, create what they do. A longing to escape their reality while imagining a new one. In all of these instances, creatives like myself find themselves bound by the limitations of their medium. I can take you so far and so close to my imagination, but we will never quite reach our destination. This is exactly why I chose to highlight this feeling. I could and will probably forever want to create art dedicated to escapism.

Derealism, also called Depersonalization, is a psychological phenomenon I have much experience with. Not to be mistaken with dissociation. A lot of digital creatives and artists experience this. Almost like a wall between yourself and life itself. Like seeing through a perpetual lens, removing you from the here and now. Fully cognizant, fully understanding and digesting what takes place around you, but still behind a veil. I chose to lean into the optics of refracting glass because oftentimes, derealism will feel like you are trapped within a glass prison. I could dedicate my life to trying to understand this subject, but in this case, I would like to express my thoughts through audiovisual art.

LEViT∆TE is a multimedia artist based in Los Angeles with both established art and music careers. LEViT∆TE specializes in CG/CGI, rendering visual content for music labels such as UKF, Noisia’s, Division Records, Deadbeats, Tchami’s Confession, and many others. He has toured the US playing audiovisual shows featuring his own music and visual content.

LEViT∆TE minted his genesis NFT in August 2020. He’s since amassed a notable and dedicated base of collectors on the SuperRare, 1stDibs, and MakersPlace. He also contributed to the “Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection” in December 2021.

As a musician, LEViT∆TE has collaborated with artists like Bassnectar, Gunplay, Fuse 808 Mafia, Mayhem, Sidewalks&Skeletons, Brothel., Zuse, and more. His music has appeared in the 2017 ESPN broadcast of the X-Games, as well as the 2020 film “The Tax Collector.”

The Drop — October 18, 2022 

* The following video previews have been compressed to optimize for load time.




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