Many, if not all, of the greatest cultural shockwaves in human history began with art.

From painting on cave walls until the present, the ability to capture an idea or feeling and communicate it is one of humanity’s most valuable methods of empowering themselves and enacting change. 

Through the power of vibrant, vivid images that leap out at you and invite you inside the frame, Lumi proposes that a new wave of human growth is upon us — one where we ensure the future of our species by looking inward and healing ourselves. All change, whether big or small, begins with an idea. And our ability to aspire to and achieve personal growth will decide the outcome of the next few decades to come. Change begins from within.

Lumi is one of the foremost digital artists in the world. Based in Seattle, Lumi creates vibrant and imaginative dreamscapes inspired by the surreal and psychedelic qualities of life immersed in the nature, art, and culture of climates like Iceland and Scandinavia. Lush and vivid scenes stimulate the senses and invigorate a passion for living and curiosity. Each piece is a unique expression created with the intent to uplift and inspire children of every age and background.

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The Drop — October 19, 2022

Dream Cavern

We can find light and hope even in the darkest of places. Some of it is in our surroundings, but most of it is finding it in ourselves. Growth and light begin as seeds in ourselves and can grow by envisioning ourselves in the future, thriving, and living the life we have always wished. This practice creates a door through which we can walk and find ourselves there.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 0.4 Eth Minimum Reserve; 24-hr Auction


Some people say that looking up at the stars makes them feel insignificant in comparison. I have never felt that. Sure, I feel small, but I believe this universe is here for us to be a stage where we can play out the contents of our wildest dreams. For most of this planet’s history, humans had never seen the Earth from outside its own atmosphere. Now we gaze into the depths of the universe as a recreational pastime. Seeing the stars makes me feel powerful and whole.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 0.4 Eth Minimum Reserve; 24-hr Auction


A being on its way to becoming something new will fight a battle. A fight between the old self and the self that is becoming. Only one may remain. This cycle repeats until what was once a child is now a wise and experienced individual. Experience and knowledge give us new lessons to learn and integrate into our understanding of the world.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 0.4 Eth Minimum Reserve; 24-hr Auction


Living in modern times requires a special kind of optimism that does not consider much of present woes and instead embraces a direction. Choose a direction you love and move toward it each day. You will find that you feel more fulfilled than when focusing on particular events. There is always further to go, and loving your direction ensures your movement is joyful even when life presents challenges. Stoking the flames of curiosity is a great way to reignite feelings of daily awe.

  • Editions: 10/10
  • Pricing: $150 each

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