Photographer and digital artist Pol Kurucz fuses his theatrical high camp aesthetic and thought-provoking scene-making to create surreal photographs celebrating the beauty, power, and tragedies of the eccentric feminine.

In early 2020, Pol was a rising star in the world of editorial and art photography, but when COVID shutdowns swept his stacked calendar clean, everything changed. Having always found that reality constrained his deeply personal and specific vision, Pol hunkered down in his Sao Paolo apartment to teach himself the digital tools that would grant him the creative freedom to realize the full potential of his ideas.

Now, nearly three years later, Pol is fully immersed in digital artmaking — with a vow to transition his personal artistic practice to Unreal Engine MetaHumans rather than flesh and blood models by 2023.

While Pol’s Genesis MakersPlace Drop Venus Beach does feature real-life models, the scenes he depicts are anything but natural — beautiful alien lifeforms relaxing in a dark interstellar paradise.

Pol’s images have been featured in over a hundred publications, including Vogue, ELLE, Glamour, Marie Claire, GQ, The Guardian, CNN online, BBC online, Dazed, Paper, Hunger, Sleek, Nylon, and Hi-Fructose.

His works have been exhibited at Art Basel Miami, ArtExpo NYC, LA Art Show, Red Dot Miami, Lincoln Center NYC, Somerset House London, Juxtapoz Club House Miami, Shanghai Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Superchief NY and Miami, Lumas Paris, Democrart Sao Paulo, Mana Contemporary Miami.

In the NFT sphere Pol has been a featured artist on Foundation, Opensea, Nifty, Portion and had a solo show at SuperchiefNFT NY, the world’s first NFT gallery.

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The Drop — October 12, 2022 


On Venus Beach, you are what you wear.

  • Editions: 5/5


On Venus Beach, beings are things, and things are beings

  • Editions: 3/3


You were not born in Venus Beach, Venus Beach was born into you.

  • Editions: 1/1

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