For the first time in history, buyers will also receive the largest poster available on the open market, available in all four editions. 

SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2022 – Original designs by world-renowned street artist Banksy will be released as NFTs on MakersPlace, the premier marketplace for rare and authentic digital fine art, as part of a new series commissioned by Austin Wilde, creator of the beloved hip-hop compilation series BADMEANiNGOOD. 

Wilde, who was awarded copyrights for the designs by Banksy, will launch the series of original album covers, posters, and 12” record sleeves over the next several months. It is likely the iconic street artist has only granted copyrights for his art twice in his career.

For the first release in Wilde’s compilation series, featuring English music producer Skitz, Banksy produced an original image of heavy artillery wearing a pair of Adidas. A canvas of this image sold with Pest Control authentication via Sotheby’s in 2008. For the remaining album covers, Banksy repurposed existing images from his catalog to align with the BADMEANiNGOOD theme. 

MakersPlace will release several iterations of Wilde’s compilation series featuring Banksy’s designs, with most editions as original and limited edition posters and some with original, deadstock, and mint vinyl.

The first collection, dropping on MakersPlace <ADD LINK> on October 4th at 12 pm PDT,  will consist of five NFTs, including: 

  • Vinyl 12″ REMIX: Roots Manuva x The Beatles: Yellow Submarine—The Completest Edition—auctioned with a reserve of 2 ETH.
  • Four unique large poster NFTs will also be auctioned with reserves of 1-2 ETH each.
    • Peanut Butter Wolf 60×40 Blueback Poster
    • Scratch Perverts 60×40 Blueback Poster
    • Roots Manuva 60×40 Blueback Poster
    • SKITZ 60×40 Blueback Poster

For the first time in history, buyers will also receive an extremely rare 60×40 inch “blueback” poster as a physical redeemable, the largest poster available on the open market. 

The winning bidder of the Vinyl NFT will also receive the physical Vinyl 12” Remix record, an O.G sticker, and a second edition 50x70cm Roots Manuva poster stamped and signed by Wilde.

“It’s been more than two decades since I released this series featuring talented musicians and Banksy’s original designs. I’m honored to introduce these unique vinyl, CD, and poster artworks to a whole new audience and bring them to life through the digital world. MakersPlace has been such an incredible partner and really understands how to help translate our passions for art and entertainment.” Wilde said.

Both Wilde and MakersPlace will donate 10% of their sales proceeds to proceeds to #MOASMissionUkraine, a program that brings emergency medical aid and assistance to the vulnerable people impacted by the conflict. About MOAS:

“MOAS is an international humanitarian aid and service provider currently active all over the globe, providing emergency response programs to vulnerable communities in crisis. Our work includes the deployment of a fleet of emergency vehicles and tactical medics to the front line in Ukraine, where they provide point of injury care and medical evacuations to those in desperate need. MOAS relies on the generosity and good will of our global community to keep these operations running. By partnering with BADMEANINGOOD creator Austin Wilde and MakersPlace we hope to send more essential, life-saving resources to where they are needed most. Together we will respond to violence and conflict with compassion and solidarity.”

“We’re excited to partner with Austin Wilde to introduce a new audience to his compilation series and bring new representation and meaning to Banksy’s iconic artwork. Their combined vision to cultivate a new appreciation for classical art in a non-traditional Banksy-fashion is inspiring,” said Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace.

Learn More about the Drop here.

About Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde has been mesmerized by the power of music since Chuck D walked onto his record deck in 1987. Growing up he wrote graffiti and dreamt of rare trainers and rare records. In addition to founding the (still running) LateNightTales & BADMEANiNGOOD compilation series’, he was Creative Director of EMI Music Publishing where his roster included Beirut, Mark Ronson, Gorillaz, and Joanna Newsom. He has written two collections of illustrated short stories, been published in notable fiction publications, works as a lecturer in Popular Music, and has a fine sideline as a muralist: @nofrescoyo

About MakersPlace

MakersPlace is the premier NFT marketplace for digital art. Launched in 2018, MakersPlace utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate the sale of authentic, original digital artwork, ensuring rarity and ownership for both creators and collectors. MakersPlace has emphasized accessibility since its inception, and has attracted a large mainstream audience as the first NFT marketplace to accept both cryptocurrency (ETH) and non-cryptocurrency (USD) payments, which it facilitates through crypto wallet and credit card transactions, respectively. MakersPlace helped catapult digital art and NFTs onto the global stage, with the historic sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days for $69.3 million in partnership with Christie’s auction house in March 2021 – the record price for any digital artwork. Our mission is simple: to enable a vibrant future for digital creativity.

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