For this drop, world-renowned motion artist and co-founder of the Bloom Collective Hannes Hummel joins forces with story-based NFT art curator Not Fungible for its ongoing “Chronicles” series. Not Fungible has tapped Hummel to create a piece that tells the story of crypto in the year 2015. 

For the Chronicles project, Hummel took his inspiration from “Cassette Futurism” — a visual aesthetic reminiscent of the mid-1970s to late 1990s tech. Apollo-era computer electronics and proto-cell phone color schemes meet off-the-wall experiments with strange creatures. 

Who is Hannes Hummel?

Hannes Hummel is a German-based interdisciplinary Designer and 3D Artist focusing on contemporary imagery. Guided by an explorational design approach, Hummels’ recent creations focus on the mesmerizing complexity of organic structures recreated digitally. Symmetry, tessellations, and patterns within patterns capture the fragments of nature. His artworks were most recently shown at Art Basel Miami.

Who is Not Fungible?

Not Fungible is a story-based NFT art curator bringing timeless masterpieces to the art industry. To help promote the next generation of art curation, Not Fungible runs the artist incubator, gathering the best talent in the space to learn, engage and curate exceptional work. The strands coalesce in the metaverse at Not Fungible’s landmark “Arts Complex” in Decentraland, home to exclusive events and the best NFT art gallery in the industry.

What is the Chronicles series?

Not Fungible’s inaugural signature series, “Chronicles,” uses exquisite NFTs to recount the most iconic moments in crypto. Each piece represents a year and is a chapter in the book of crypto history. Not Fungible has handpicked some of the most talented creative minds in the NFT art space to explore and contribute to one of the greatest stories ever told through art.

The Drop — September 22, 2022

The Chronicles: 2015

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“Even after operating in the crypto & NFT spaces for years now, it still feels sometimes like a ‘space fiction’ dream to me. As a kid growing up in the eighties, one of my favorite (visual-) influences to this day is sci-fi and cyberpunk. Especially the “Cassette Futurism” aesthetic — overly complicated electronic devices, robotics, or retro-futurism is something that I wanted to incorporate into the artwork. 

“In addition to that, I’m also trying to challenge myself with every new artwork. For this piece, I’ve created a fully functioning ‘mechanical clockwork’ — The Ethereum flower. Each gear is connected to another, and every single part of the flower depends on another, just like a blockchain. 

“I really enjoy developing highly complex systems like this in my artworks, filled with small details that only a few people will ever notice. The more time you spend with my pieces, the more details you will discover!”

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