An exclusive, seamless, white-glove experience for our top collectors seeking a more personalized digital art shopping experience.

Our objective is simple: To provide you with an elevated and personalized experience that includes assistance in buying and selling NFTs, along with other services such as proxy bidding and collection development & management.

Services for Collectors

The new Concierge Program provides exclusive previews to upcoming MakersPlace drops and offers a range of bespoke offerings, including private sales and escrow services, proxy bidding and phone bidding, private previews, and personal shopping. 

🤝 Procurement of High-Value NFTs

We will find the art and artists you need. Equipped with years of traditional fine art and web3 experience, our marketplace experts can find the blue-chip artists and high-value individual pieces that you’re excited about, saving you the time and hassle of searching.

🏦 Escrow Services

Stay anonymous while buying exactly what you want. We have the infrastructure to purchase digital art on your behalf. Our escrow process is safe and secure and allows you to maintain your privacy in the purchasing process.

🎭 Proxy Bidding

Buy new work, but on your schedule. We will bid on your behalf in any drop or auction, whether anonymously or not.

How to Join

The services offered in the Concierge Program are completely custom to your needs. Our team is equipped with both traditional fine art and web3 experts who are committed to finding the right art and artists for each collector. 

Step 1: Apply to the program
If you are interested in any of the services above, please apply. Once we review your application, we will follow up within 3-5 business days to let you know if you have been accepted.

Step 2: Complete the questionnaire
Once accepted, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This will help us better understand your needs and create the most helpful bespoke experience for you as a collector. This information will be kept confidential and will only be used to build your internal Concierge profile.


If you have any questions about applying or want to learn more about the Concierge Program, please email

Header image: multiform colored shapes abstract art by BBS Art