The artwork of artist Arya Mularama (fka Gogoporen) is influenced by comic books, skateboard culture, and the movies and video games of the ‘90s.

His art is a mix of pop culture references and melodramatic mental illness with a colorful infusion of levity. Arya says anxiety and his questioning of existence feed the themes of his work, which combines pop culture references with allusions to mental illness.

As Gogoporen, Arya began exhibiting his work in group shows, doing murals for brands, and posting daily sketches. He later returned to a less-demanding advertising role which still gave him time for his nascent art career. 

“Art was never a full-time thing for me,” he says, “I was working in the advertising industry, but I got tired of the never-ending deadlines and long hours, and so I quit my job and put more effort into my art.”

His earliest NFTs were minted on the Tezos blockchain, where — as Gogoporen — he sold over 5,000 NFTs. His GOGOS collaboration with artist 0x10 comprised 5,555 editions and sold out in less than three hours from going live with a stealth drop.

In addition to his first major NFT drop with MakersPlace, Arya is creating the NFT tickets for this year’s Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA). The tickets are generative, so each visitor will receive a one-of-a-kind artwork from Arya.

For his latest collection, GREAT PAIN, Mularama has created a series of pieces about anxiety, depression, suppressed feelings, and unprocessed emotions. 

Pushing memories out of consciousness until consciousness itself implodes and causes great pain and suffering to everything in sight. To live is to suffer; to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.

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The Drop — September 28, 2022

Birth of Calamity the Chaos God. 

The beginning of a thought and negative emotions. Calamity rules between birth and death. Tormenting all. The living death.

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: 0.2 ETH

Great Divide

Calamity rules the world. Breaking everything. Pushing everything to the limit. It feeds from agony and suffering.

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: 0.2 ETH

It Hits the Fan

Like Pandora unleashed containing sickness, death, and many other unspecified evils. Calamity’s torments spread into outer realms infecting the universe like a virus.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 0.4 ETH reserve followed by a 24-hour auction
  • Purchase unlocks a physical print signed by the artist. Size 61cm by 91cm

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