Interview with The Pinkfong Company

The Pinkfong Company is a South Korean educational entertainment company famous for its children’s music videos, especially “Baby Shark,” which has become the most-viewed YouTube video with more than 11 billion views. 

We had the chance to interview The Pinkfong Company ahead of their second NFT release, a 10K Baby Shark collection following on the heels of a massively successful Genesis Drop of 1/1 Baby Shark artworks. 

MP: Why are you launching a Baby Shark collection? 

PF: Baby Shark started as a digital native IP,  born on the internet, and became the world’s most viewed video in YouTube history with more than 10 billion views. As such, we’re always looking for new ways to be at the forefront of technology that allows us to expand and engage further with our fans of all ages. 

We felt that NFTs and Web3 are amazing ways for us to expand our IP and meet the community in the digital space, and by offering this second Baby Shark collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles, our fans can now own, trade, or pass down to their children a piece of the Baby Shark universe. 

The 10k collection is a great way to expand our global Baby Shark community and potentially invite 10,000 different people across the world to own a piece of our artwork and interact with us on a much deeper level, both on and offline. 

After the response and excitement that we saw from our first limited collection, which sold out instantly, we wanted to extend ownership of our NFTs to everyone that didn’t have a chance to buy one, this time with a set of unique special traits to add on from the first collection.

MP: What was the process of developing the ideas behind the collection?

Everything starts with the DNA of Baby Shark. We always want to stay consistent with who we are. Baby Shark is fun, family-friendly, playful, and of course, all about music and dance. 

So we started with that. From there, we came up with an extensive list of traits that stay true to Baby Shark’s DNA, inspired by new trends, new looks and attributes that collectors of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. We wanted to make sure that our NFTs appeal to a wide pool.

We also put a lot of thought into how we can create a storyline. We did that by creating themes with traits and attributes exclusive to each theme. We’ll be dropping the collection in three parts: This first upcoming drop will be the Spring/Summer edition, followed by the Fall and Winter Edition, dropping later this year. Each of these themes offers new looks and traits, with a few being exclusive to each season, which adds some excitement and fun while keeping it under one cohesive collection.

MP: How do you expect the Baby Shark narrative world to expand in the near future? How might this collection contribute to an expansion of Shark Lore?

We’re storytellers, and we’re constantly creating new content and planning events that expand upon the Baby Shark story. We just announced a feature-length movie slated for 2023 that we’re super excited about. The movie will amplify everything we know and love about Baby Shark and allow us to introduce new stories and events. 

But what’s great about this NFT collection is that it opens up a new world of opportunities as we expand Baby Shark’s world into Web3 and the Metaverse. 

We envision this new frontier will create new wrinkles and add depth to the Shark Lore for our fans and collectors to enjoy and explore.  

MP: Can you expand on what Baby Shark in the Metaverse might look like?

The Metaverse itself is very young, so we’re working on what types of experiences can offer the most value for our fans while being able to adapt as the Metaverse itself matures.  There are a few iterations of what’s possible: One is around specific events within the Metaverse that we can invite our community members and holders to as well as the general Web3 fan base.  

We’ve done some cool collaborations with big artists, and we’d love to host fun events in the Metaverse to entertain our fans and offer a new way for them to engage with us and each other.  And on a broader level, we’re working through what Baby Shark in the Metaverse looks like and will be able to speak more to that in the coming months.

MP: Can you give me a sneak peek into the social activities and features that will roll out after the collection launches? What kinds of utility can holders look forward to?

We’ll introduce our community tokens to holders, redeemable for gifts & perks, including the ability to customize and/or mint new NFTs. We’re also offering eligibility for exclusive airdrops and bonuses, access to IRL events including meetups/parties/workshops, entry into raffles that can include ticket giveaways to select Baby Shark events, merchandise, interactive activities, custom digital content, and more.   

We’ve already had a few real-life events in the past few months.   Most recent was a Baby Shark NFT Exhibit in Seoul for Korea Blockchain Week at Uncommon Gallery, where we had NFTs on display from our first drop along with sneak peeks of the new collection and free NFT raffles along with food, drinks, and entertainment. We also had a couple of awesome events at NFT.NYC and Consensus, where we offered exclusive VIP access for our holders. 

MP: Will holders be able to contribute their creativity to the Baby Shark universe?

Yes, we’re working with a tech partner called AI Network to bring technology that enables the composability of our NFTs and customization and integration of NFTs into new technology and platforms.

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