In the artist’s own words

June 20, 2019, Mike Winkleman’s birthday, kicked off my first attempt at 3D everydays. Mike is a friend, and one night he encouraged me to start doing everydays to learn 3D. His everyday anniversary happens to be my birthday, May 1, so it seemed perfect to choose his birthday to start my everyday journey.

My first piece was ambitious for an absolute beginner and required my husband’s help to complete. The result was amazing, but the everydays took hours upon frustrating hours and required hubby’s help. 

Chelsea Evenstar’s first 3D “everyday,” created for Beeple’s birthday.

Chelsea Evenstar’s first 3D “everyday,” created for Beeple’s birthday.

I felt overwhelmed by how little I knew about 3D versus the ideas in my head. After less than a month, I gave up on everydays. Mike was not pleased!

Fast forward to May 1, 2022. I had been creating eighteen highly detailed 1/1s for an upcoming pfp project for months. My brain was burning out from the intense focus, so I decided to hop on the worldwide #MerMay bandwagon to exercise my creativity elsewhere. I gave myself 1–2 hours to create a mermaid every day in May while channeling my inner Beeple. My goal was to post a piece of art before I went to sleep and care less about the result than the creative process.

My animated artworks can take weeks to create, so making finished pieces so quickly was weird. Some days I focused on composition. Some days I focused on a color palette. On other days, I slapped something together as fast as I could. Most days directly reflected my inner state. Looking back at the collection, I see a visual representation of my fluctuating moods.

My work celebrates the complexities of being a woman, including the beautiful curves of the female form. Art and advertising too often objectify and hyper-sexualize women. In life and art, society overlooks the nuances of the human being behind the sexy image.

As someone who has struggled to understand my worth as a human outside of society’s objectifying lens, many of my pieces attempt to celebrate women’s deep and powerful humanity. As someone who has struggled to understand my worth as a human outside society’s objectifying lens, many of my pieces attempt to celebrate women’s deep and powerful humanity. We can be smart, angry, curious, loving, sexy, sweet, playful, joyful, sad, powerful, sassy, vulnerable, fierce, protective, nurturing, and any variety of ways – often all at once.

Our swipe-right culture has conditioned men to focus on physical attributes that have nothing to do with the soul of the person “wearing” them. This tendency in the culture robs both men and women of the ability to connect deeply with and respect one another. 

I hope my art inspires even my male collectors (especially my male collectors) to connect with their own vulnerability.

In these moments, people can see each other, empathize with each other, and care for each other. 

My mermaids speak to the rich variety of emotions that human beings can experience. While my work often portrays these emotions through female characters, I look forward to including more male characters in my emotive visual stories.

The Drop — August 24, 2022


PISCES is the keeper of the AQUAMARINE STAR – the star of peace and compassion. With curiosity and an open mind, PISCES unlocks ethereal treasures and moves beyond the gates of space and time. Welcome her beautiful energy into your life and explore your innermost wishes.

The AQUAMARINE STAR shimmers like a sun-kissed sea. Like waterfalls of tranquility, it washes away the past and instills peaceful awareness. It cools fiery energies to bring balance and encourages healthy introspection.

With them shining on you, you are showered with inspiration, supported with compassionate understanding, and instilled with a peaceful assurance that you are loved.

Artwork to be revealed nearer the Drop date

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 2 ETH reserve to kick off 24-hour auction


On a full mermoon, celestial deities buoy our mermaid frens up into space. Thankfully, swimming in space is very similar to the ocean, just with more sparkly stars and rivers of space dust.

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: $500

Seaweed & Chill

Seaweed has some mind-expanding powers when smoked, but mostly it facilitates communication with the fishes. 

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: $500

Summer Salty

Sirena spins silly circles in the salty summer sea. 

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: $500

Humboldt Harbor

The deeper she inhales, the deeper she sinks. But unlike fragile humans, the solitude and quiet brings peace of mind. 

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: $500

May Day

Hoorah Hooray, it’s the First of May, ocean frolicking begins today! 

  • Editions: 4/4
  • Pricing: As the first in the series — also made on the artist’s birthday — this piece will be a collector bonus for one randomly selected owner of each of the 3/3 artworks. 

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