‘City Breaks’ is a digital art collaboration between Manchester City and 3D artist Perry Cooper that uses everyday travel bags and cases to represent different aspects of Manchester City and the team’s relationship with its fans. ‘City Breaks’ is intended to encompass the excitement, commitment, expectation, and history of the team.

As a part of the drop, there will be a limited-edition collectors’ draw featuring a sixth artwork, Holdall Cityzens. Participation will be open to owners of artwork by Manchester City or Perry Cooper, and the winners of the draw will each receive one of the unique pieces.

The City Breaks collection will drop on MakersPlace on Thursday 11th August. 

Manchester City FC is an English Premier League club founded in 1880 as St Mark’s West Gorton. It officially became Manchester City FC in 1894 and has since won the European Cup Winners’ Cup, seven League Championship titles, including six Premier League titles (2012, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022), and six FA Cups.

Perry Cooper is a British 3D artist based in the United States. Working within digital advertising since 2003 and co-founding digital production company ‘The Confessional’ in 2009. Perry has produced online and digital outdoor content for clients such as Amazon, Armani, British Airways, Facebook, Ikea, Jaguar, and Virgin Atlantic.

The Drop

* The artworks below are still-image previews of the video works

It’s in the Bag

“It’s in the Bag” illustrates the fans’ excitement in the stands as the players warm up.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: $4,000 reserve, 24-hour auction
  • * Includes personalized signed gym bag

Precious Cargo

“Precious Cargo” celebrates Man City’s achievements, past and present. Hints of the history and hard work behind the success surround the flight case. Artwork by Perry Cooper in collaboration with Manchester City.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: $4,000 reserve, 24-hour auction
  • * Includes personalized signed gym bag

Gym Bag

“Gym Bag” represents the hard work and training required to compete at the highest level. The team prepares to win through work and preparation behind the scenes. 

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: $1,500
  • * Includes personalized gym bag (NOT SIGNED)

On the Road

“On the Road” acknowledges the team travel required at football’s top level, as Man City travels around England, Europe, and the world to compete. 

  • Editions: 10/10
  • Pricing: $400

Moon Dance

“Moon Dance” puts the club’s mascots at center stage. Moonchester and Moonbeam give a chilled-out performance in a drink cooler. How refreshing!

  • Editions: Open
  • Pricing: $99 for a 48-hour sale period. 

Holdall Cityzens

“Holdall Cityzens” illustrates the importance of fans cheering on the team, with a nod to club legend Colin Bell. As fans enter the stadium, anticipation, and excitement begin to build. 

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: Raffle 
  • * Open to all verified accounts. Owners of Perry Cooper or Man City FC NFTs get an extra entry per piece they own

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