For his first curated show with MakersPlace, curator Isaac Saidel-Goley brings together his favorite artists who are pushing the limits of art. 

While their medium of choice and their backgrounds are quite diverse, Saidel-Goley sees in each of them the drive and the potential to make a much more significant impact in the arts than mere sales. 

Claire Silver collaborates with AI to produce transcendental work more remarkable than either humankind or machine could produce alone. Silver also paints physical twins of select digital pieces, further muddying the waters of artificial intelligence versus human intelligence.  

Mahnaji is a Muslim woman rooftopper and photographer exploring new heights across New York City and beyond. By showcasing her works of derring-do, Mahnaji is shattering racial and gender stereotypes. As she’s said herself, “People are like, ‘This is not what Muslim women do. This is what white boys do.'”  

“Do It for the Gram” by Mahnaji

Iness Rychlik  is a renowned self-portrait photographer, using her own body and chronic skin condition as a canvas for artistic expression. The subtle elegance of Rychlik’s provoke the viewer’s imagination with its underlying aura of brutality and coy confrontation. 

“He loves me, he loves me not” by Iness Rychlik

Kira Diron is a digital artist balancing hyperpop brightness and kawaii cuteness in otherwise satirical pop art to, in her own words, “make the world brighter, kinder and more beautiful.” 

“Burn Bright” by Kira Diron

Ali Sabet is an Iranian-American Artist based in California. He’s moved from the world of branding and design to painting, using Japanese brushes and Sumi Ink to create explosive work with continuous fluid motions and expressive strokes. 


Tiffatronn is an artist from the East Coast of Australia who explores themes of identity, emotion, nostalgia, the human condition, secret inner worlds, and imagined realities.

“Multiplicity” by tiffatronn

Eri Vlc is a Greek yogi and body artist whose delicately arranged poses and contortions at once baffle viewers while also inspiring a sense of presence in and care for one’s own body.

Cādūceus by Eri VIc

Giulio Aprin is an adventure photographer who masterfully captures the mystery, complexity, diversity and raw power of the natural world. Currently focused on exploring desert regions of the planet. Armed with his camera and a heavily stamped passport, he captures unimaginable beauty and even resurrects worlds long lost to the human eye.

“Backbone of the Sahara” by Giulio Aprin

“Backbone of the Sahara” by Giulio Aprin

Natalie Shau is a mixed-media artist and photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania whose work gives life to her abiding interests in fashion and portrait photography while still leaving room for her Gothic Victorian sensibilities. 

“White Queen” by Natalie Shau

Ravi Vora is a director, photographer, and multi-disciplinary artist. From AI to moving picture, he is always exploring and pushing the boundaries of how technology can be used to create meaningful art. Known for his ethereal style and the storytelling nature of his work, he’s found success globally working with blue chip brands and creating art that has inspired a generation of photographers and artists.

“ANA” by Ravi Vora

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