Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of weekly Exhibits and Creator Spotlights at MakersPlace.  

Exhibits are small, weekly group shows curated by one of the following: 

  1. Our in-house team of art nerds
  2. Collectors
  3. Guest curators
  4. MakersPlace creators

Exhibits will be prominently featured on our homepage, shouted out on social media and email, and will forever live as a collection to be browsed by collectors looking to discover new creators. 

Creator Spotlights are our chance to champion rising stars in the NFT art world. Spotlight creators will be:

  1. Prominently featured on our homepage
  2. Dedicated landing page to promote select pieces
  3. Interviewed for publication by a member of our editorial team
  4. Featured in newsletters and across our social platforms.  

These two programs, in addition to our ongoing Featured Creators homepage carousel, are just the beginning of our human-curated efforts, so stay tuned for more expansions to how we support our creators and make life easier for eager collectors. 

Click here to join the Discord to learn how to apply for Exhibits & Spotlights.

If you’re a creator, collector, or curator who would like to arrange an exhibit, please email a brief statement about your idea and what makes it unique to We’d love your input and participation.

* The header image for this post is “Standing in the Spotlight” by Finn Berenbroek.

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