“The first story I have to tell is not exactly true, but it isn’t exactly false, either.”

― Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art

Ali Mohamadzadeh — known professionally as EyEm — is a photomontage artist whose work resides in surreal, occult realms. EyEm’s fantasy worlds are not wholly removed from our own but are the ripples of lived experience, ripe with meaning that isn’t as easily noticed in the humdrum day-to-day of mundane existence.  

His characters are personified facets of inner experience. Just as every dichotomy pushes and pulls within our own lives, so too do his characters dine with or battle each other. 

But BloodMoon Edge is The Seeker’s story, the story of dissolving dichotomies. The Seeker is a light-hearted devil, a trickster, a human in its early stages of growth and self-realization, a journeyman in search of The Third Dimension.  

What is The Third Dimension? Nothing less than the world that lay beyond definitions, where the poles propping up opposites collapse, where the trickster can gain and provoke insight by sneaking under the fence of language to play with what cannot be signified. 

“The prophet speaks of things that will be true in the future because they are true in all time. The prophet disrupts the mundane in order to reveal the eternal.”

― Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art

― Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art

For his first MakersPlace drop, EyEm brings three pieces from the depths of his expanding consciousness, animated photomontages that follow The Seeker’s path in search of what he sought.

The Drop 

The collector who is able to acquire all three artworks will also get the opportunity to collaborate with EyEm on a custom artwork/profile picture (pfp) for the collector.

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Allfather’s Presence

  • Editions: 3/3
  • Pricing: $400

This is where The Seeker’s tale begins: born from ashes by the Allfather at the BloodMoon Edge as the world slowly takes shape.

Red-hooded, red horns, no identity, standing in the dark, The Seeker believes that “in darkness, we find the light.” This is the search for truth that lay in the third dimension — the space between sense and nonsense.

The journey takes place among the crows and ravens, the sole witnesses of this journey.

Temptation’s Presence

  • Editions: 2/2
  • Pricing: $650

The first stop, one where we all have been at least once, is Temptation.

From desire is born choice — to pursue or abstain. What if there was no right choice? There’d be no wrong choice. Is there a third choice that only the enlightened can see? Confronted by Temptation’s Presence, the truth is incomplete without the third dimension.

The Seeker smirks at the foolishness of ideas like total goodness or evil. There’s no difference between the dead holding black apples and those holding red. They’re all slaves to Temptation.

Judgment’s Presence

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 24-hour auction with 1 ETH reserve

The second stop, yet again a familiar one, is Judgment.

Standing before Desire, fate hangs on a Judge who holds the third unseen truth. The scales of justice are unfamiliar — tripartite. Something exists between guilty and innocent, and The Seeker has come to learn what that might be.

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