The Laws of Adrenaline III: An NFT Collection is the third drop in a series of releases featuring the international footballing superstar and current AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimović.    Zlatan will be releasing the third installment of his genesis NFT project in partnership with acclaimed Italian artists Giuseppe Veneziano, Federico Guida, Giovanni Frangi, PAO, and M.Arm.

The collection features original artworks curated by the world-famous, goal-scoring legend who challenged artists to create works based on his latest autobiography, Adrenaline: My Untold Stories

Eleven quotes from the best-selling book inspired a new crypto art project dedicated to fans from all over the world conceived by the digital team of Corriere della Sera in collaboration with ArtsLife, WRONG THEORY, and ArtN. This drop on June 28, 2022, will be the final installment of three for The Laws of Adrenaline: An NFT Collection.

The Laws of Adrenaline III

The third drop in The Laws of Adrenaline series includes:

  • An amusing animated portrait by Italian New Pop maestro, Giuseppe Veneziano
  • An animated painting of Zlatan with a lion crest tattooed on his chest by internationally celebrated artist Frederico Guida
  • An animated gif portrait of Zlatan as an interstellar samurai by Milan-native street artists PAO.
  • And more to be revealed from fine artists Giovanni Frangi and M.Arm 

Zlatan Ibrahimović and all the artists during the opening event at the Triennale Museum in Milan

Zlatan Ibrahimović, also known as IBRA, is an international footballing superstar and current AC Milan striker. He is one of three active players with 500 career goals. He has won trophies in the biggest leagues in Europe, leading his teams with incredible physicality, technical ability, and finishing. In addition to being one of the most prolific goalscorers in soccer history, he is also a respected art patron and curator.

IBRA wrote Adrenaline: My Untold Stories to share his life experiences. Because no single artistic expression can encapsulate the enormity of a lived experience, this collection represents an extension of Ibrahimović’s story while highlighting his patronage and passion for the visual arts.   

Through their range of styles and backgrounds, the artists have built a varied collection representing the different facets of this indomitable champion. 

The Drop

“Zlatan Mundi” by Giuseppe Veneziano

Sicilian-born Giuseppe Veneziano moved to Milan in 2002 and today is one of the premier artists of the Italian New Pop movement. He populates his canvases with historical personalities, present-day celebrities, movie icons, and characters from comics and cartoons. Veneziano removes the boundaries between fiction and reality, mingling media and the collective imagination to generate alienating and amusing combinations.

“Lion’s Gate” by Federico Guida

Federico Guida was born in Milan and was inspired by both his grandfather — a marine and landscape painter — and his father, who was creative in advertising. Guida works in oil colors, acrylics, photography, plaster, and fabrics. His focus on human forms, depicted in twisted and intertwined poses, has been celebrated in galleries and exhibitions globally in Moscow, Shanghai, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rotterdam, Brussels, San Marino, at the Venice Biennale, and at home in Milan. 

“La Vida Es Sueño” by Giovanni Frangi

Giovanni Frangi is a Milan native and received a degree from Brera Fine Arts Academy. He has presented his work througout Italy at Villa Panza, MART, Villa Manin, Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, and the MAXXI Museum in Rome. In 2008 Feltrinelli published the art biography Giovanni Frangi alle prese con la natura (Giovanni Frangi Struggling with Nature) dedicated to his artwork to date. In 2021, Magonza published “Giovanni Frangi – L’intervista raccolta da Luca Fiore” dedicated to his career. Frangi participated in the 54th Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion.

“Ibra — The Look” by PAO

Born in Milan, PAO trained in the theater as a machinist, sound engineer, and stage technician with the company of Franca Rame and Dario. Since 2000, he has given free rein to creativity through street art featuring his famous colorful penguins, cans of Pao Cola, massive Campbell’s soup cans found in public, smileys on billiard balls, dolphins, sharks, and pelicans. He founded Paopao Studio in 2005 and developed branded collaborations with Motta, Gatorade, Galatine, Seven, Harley Davidson, and Accenture. He has presented work and exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Pavilion in Milan, the Venice Biennale, and the Milan Triennale.

Coming – New Art by  M.arm to be revealed

M.Arm is a pseudonym used by Paolo Manazza and an anonymous digital artist who have collaborated for the occasion of this Ibra NFT project. Paolo Manazza is a Milanese artist, writer, and cultural entrepreneur. He experiments with chromatic superimpositions in a neo-informal style combining the strength of gestures with the vibrations of color. He has exhibited across Italy, Europe, the United States, South Korea, and Egypt. In 2005, Paolo received the prestigious “Officer of Merit of the Italian Republic” from President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. This new artwork is born as a celebrative NFT to commemorate Ibra’s career and the last championship just won by his team Milan AC.

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