Remembrance of a Withered Love by Andres Lilja & MakersPlace OGs

Andreas Lilja is well-known and regarded for his solo output, and perhaps even more notable for his tirelessly collaborative spirit.

For his next MakersPlace Drop, Lilja brings that collaborative spirit to a new extreme, gathering five of his favorite artists and closest friends to collaborate on a 1/1 dreamworld video. To do this, Lilja commissioned five new pieces and set about combining them into a single piece without compromising the integrity of any given piece for the sake of contriving a unity. 

We start with a memory in the mind of a sad portrait by Dunja Jung. Barreling behind her eyes, we’re inside Greg Fiut’s cinematic cityscape, where lurks a beautiful creature by artist mar e. One of Fiut’s windows leads to a room — the work of inner architect Hair of Medusa. Here, we meet Nika Danny‘s tragic, hobbled characters, who play out the rest of the dream for the remember who watches on. 

In addition to the 1/1 video, the auction winner will also receive five bonus artworks from the making of the original piece, including Dunja Jung’s portrait, Hair of Medusa’s room, mar e’s creature, Greg Fiut’s city street scene, and Nika Danny’s loving, bondage characters. 

Lynsey Addario

In 2015, American Photo Magazine named MacArthur Genius grant recipient and Pulitzer-winning photographer Lynsey Addario one of the five most influential photographers of the past 25 years, writing that “Addario changed the way we saw the world’s conflicts.”

Over the past 20 years, Addario has covered every major conflict and humanitarian crisis of her generation. These include Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo, and more recently Ukraine. 

For her first NFT Drop, Addario is releasing pieces from a very different conflict — the ongoing climate crisis — as represented by on-the-ground photos of two catastrophic 2021 wildfires.

Through this drop, Addario wants to raise global awareness of the severe effects of climate change, while honoring those affected by the 2021 fires. 

“This collection is especially powerful because it demonstrates how climate change is destroying our environment,” said Addario. “Showing people, not just telling them, why this is an urgent global issue is my primary goal; and I chose MakersPlace to launch my first NFT collection, because of our shared values. The company is committed to the environment with its carbon-neutral drop program, and they are all about supporting creators who are looking to express themselves in new ways.” 



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