Andreas Lilja is an experimental digital artist who experiments with color, shape, sound, and movement, influenced by his early background as a photographer.

Lilja is well-known and regarded for his solo output, and perhaps even more notable for his tirelessly collaborative spirit.

To date, he has released nearly a dozen ambitious collaborations with a who’s who of the OG crypto scene, including Federico Paoli and Nadiia Forkosh.

For his next MakersPlace Drop, Lilja brings that collaborative spirit to a new extreme, gathering five of his favorite artists and closest friends to collaborate on a 1/1 dreamworld video. To do this, Lilja commissioned five new pieces and set about combining them into a single piece without compromising the integrity of any given piece for the sake of contriving a unity. Instead, Lilja worked for months to seamlessly integrate four different aesthetics into a new whole that is more than the sum of its parts. 

We start with a memory in the mind of a sad portrait by Dunja Jung. Barreling behind her eyes, we’re inside Greg Fiut’s cinematic cityscape, where lurks a beautiful creature by artist mar e. One of Fiut’s windows leads to a room — the work of inner architect Hair of Medusa. Here, we meet Nika Danny‘s tragic, hobbled characters, who play out the rest of the dream for the remember who watches on. 

This 1/1 project started over a year ago. Well over 100 hours of work across six artists went into its making. The piece is a mix of personal expression and joyful artistic conversation, and as such, the artists found “to put a price on this creation would be impossible, as to us, it’s priceless,” as Andreas Lilja said. Regarding the decision to auction the piece with no reserve, Lilja proudly states:

“We leave that to our audience and rest comfortably in our belief that the ones who see its true value will make an offer that equals its unique being, and will care for it with the respect as so much deserves.” 

In addition to the 1/1 video, the auction winner will also receive five bonus artworks from the making of the original piece, including Dunja Jung’s portrait, Hair of Medusa’s room, mar e’s creature, Greg Fiut’s city street scene, and Nika Danny’s loving, bondage characters. 

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 24-hour auction beginning at drop time with no reserve
  • The winner will be gifted the individual artworks that make up the collaborative work (5 bonus artworks in total).

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