ArtVndngMchn Zine May 2022 edition drops as 2 NFTs this week from cryptoart OG, Joe Chiappetta. The cover and the interior will be sold separately as a zine experiment (in keeping with the unpredictable nature of zines). ArtVndngMchn Zine hosts a lavishly painted surreal super hero color cover as one NFT plus 18 pages of new black and white interior drawings and comics as a related, yet different NFT. Everyone can see the zine’s epic cover, yet only an NFT token holder who buys the interior NFT can access the entire zine via an unlockable PDF download, making ArtVndngMchn Zine as rare as can be.

The satirical cover is a social commentary on materialism and tech culture. The bottom figure reveals the Crypto Butter Body Suit. You too can be fully dressed yet not fully present by slipping into this incredible fashion statement and walking piece of fine art. Super-rich in flavor and style, Crypto Butter Body Suit also boasts 0 calories, 0 substance, and absolutely 0 accountability–all verifiable on the public blockchain!

The top figure on the cover is the Sensational Starleah. Finally you can have a powerful looking electronic presence–without all the friend and follower bot buying. Let your gaming avatar simulate popularity in your virtual life while you waste away in the real world pretending that blockchain games are fun (when really all you want is more crypto in the play-to-earn hustle).

The zine’s interior is loaded with drawings from life as well as fantastical sketches. This includes drawings at a folk dancing performance, surreal scenes, Silly Daddy Comics, super hero characters, portraits, and art-within-art sketches. In keeping with another recurring theme in Chiappetta’s artwork, there are more than a few cool car drawings as well.

ArtVndngMchn Zine drops Wednesday May 25th (12pm Pacific Time) on MakersPlace. As stated previously, cover and the interior will be sold as separate NFTs: 

ArtVndngMchn Zine Cover (May 2022)
ArtVndngMchn Zine Interior (May 2022)

The 1-of-1 rare digital art zine cover will simultaneously be on exhibit in-person at the grand opening of Diapo Gallery, 14 rue droite, 06300 Nice, France.

About Joe Chiappetta

Joe Chiappetta is an award-winning cartoonist, best known for Silly Daddy Comics and ArtVndngMchn. As a pioneer in the arts for over 3 decades, he has been at the forefront of the Independent Comics Publishing Movement as well as the Crypto-Art and Rare Digital Art Movement. A former Chicagoan, Joe now lives with his family in Southern California. His fine art paintings, drawings, rare books, limited-edition comics, zines, and rare digital artworks reside in art collections all over the globe.

About Diapo Gallery

Diapo is the first physical gallery dedicated to digital art and NFTs in the French Riviera. Situated in the heart of the historic town of Nice, the gallery is near many artist studios and a hub of cutting-edge creativity. With curators in the NFT space since 2018, Diapo promotes digital artists from around the world thanks to the NFT era and its blockchain technology.

About MakersPlace

As one of the earliest international NFT marketplaces, MakersPlace empowers people to create, sell, and collect truly rare digital artworks. Powered by blockchain technology, users can pay in Ethereum or by credit card through this San Francisco based pioneering platform.