For his latest noCuration show, esteemed digital artist Kristian Levin AKA noCreative has assembled some of the best and most creative portrait photographers in the NFT world. For this show, which caps off National Photography Month, noCreative has “gathered some of the brightest and most talented directors of light as well as instructors of talent” to honor the immense disciplined and hard work required to compose staged photography with people.  

NoCreative said of noPortrait: 

“My professional background was in fashion photography for more than 15 years. I’ve seen more portrait photography than you can imagine and worked with some of the best photographers in Europe. The artists in this curation are in a class of their own, with a plethora of awards and prizes under their combined belts.”

noCreative and MakersPlace Present

Alexey Kazantsev

Alexey Kazantsev is an internationally award-winning photographer and lecturer who has been perfecting his deep, naturally lit portrait style since 2012. 

Hannah_1 by Alexey Kazantsev

Anton Plotnikov

Anton Plotnikov is a portrait photographer who studied with Igor Sakharov-Ross in Saint Petersburg. His emotional and expressive style is characterized by classical minimalism with the person in the focus, not the packaging. His work has won several awards, including a final appearance in the Hasselblad Masters and publications in the “Lensculture” magazine.

Julia-1 by Anton Plotnikov

Alexander Vinogradov 

Alexander Vinogradov is a multi-award-winning portrait photographer, Sony ambassador, Capture One partner, headshot master, and redhead lover. Vinogradov traffics in simple, concise portraits of interesting, diverse faces, using a bare minimum of retouching. 

Maria by Alexander Vinogradov

Oleg Oprisco

Oleg Oprisco is a fine-art photographer based in Ukraine. He otherwise keeps biographical information close to his chest. 

Akari by Oleg Oprisco

Nastasya Parshina

Nastasya Parshina is a gentle photographer. Her signature style conveys tenderness, fragility, and a little sadness in her portraits, primarily of girls. Parshina is a wordless storyteller who paints her narratives with light. She is the winner of many photography contests, including the FIAP 2021 Biennial. 

“Awakening of the Subconscious” by Nastasya Parshina

Aleksandr Kurennoi

Aleksandr Kurennoi is an award-winning portrait photographer: HIPA finalist, FIAP & PSA multiple gold medalist, 35awards 3rd Great Photographer, IPA, SIPA, FAPA honorable mentions. Alexander loves to work with natural light and natural beauty.

Hope by Aleksandr Kurennoi

Daniel Rubinshtein

Daniel Rubinshtein is a Kyiv-based film director, fashion photographer, and artist who is temporarily relocated to Berlin. Her works have been published in Vogue Italy, Vogue Britain, and Vogue Ukraine, as well as Esquire, Forbes, and Playboy. She creates her art in collaboration with 3D artist Petr Boroda (@petrboroda) 

Daniel Rubinshtein

Amirhossein Loloei

Amirhossein Loloei is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Tehran. Loloei is a strong believer in the theory that light and color are the most vital elements for an emotional photograph, so he pays special attention to the composition of these elements in all of his shoots. 

Dmitry Shad

Dmitry Shad is a fine art photographer and body art master with more than 50 international awards to his name. Using brushes and a camera, an inhuman dark beauty in each piece.  

Under the Black Sun 25 by Dmitry Shad

Dmitry Ageev

Dmitry Ageev is a portrait, conceptual, and documentary photographer. He is the winner of many international photography competitions including the Hasselblad Masters in 2014. In his portraits, he uses the technique of tracking gaze, which was used in iconography by the old masters.