CHAOS VIII by Urs Fischer

“People seem to fear art. Art has always been a word for this thing that can’t be rationalized; when you see or hear something that you struggle to explain. But that’s its strength, of course, that’s what the word ‘art’ is for.” – Urs Fischer

New York-based, Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer is widely regarded as one of the leading forces of the contemporary art movement. His work often presents a collision; a carefully orchestrated, often humor-infused, dance between everyday objects and their relationships to human experience. 

For the next release of the CHAOS series, Fischer is revealing “#168 Makeup,” “#170 Oracle,” “#181 State,” “#182 Amygdala,” and “#183 Mimes” in addition to a special charity piece, “CHAOS #96 JR.”

The CHAOS series has garnered attention and support from all corners of the art world. Renowned gallery spaces like Gagosian and Pace Gallery, innovative auction app Fair Warning, former Christie’s co-chairman Loic Gouzer, and premiere NFT platform MakersPlace, converging under Fischer’s vision of evolving art and objects.

CHAOS VIII by Urs Fischer


In the infinite vastness of the Metaverse, a new world comes into being. 

German thinker, poet, artist, and 20-year veteran of digital artistic practices, AL, aka DENKSTAHL poses these questions with his genesis NFT drop, calling into question the value systems that threaten to carry over from late capitalism to destroy the utopian visions of web3. 

HOLY DIRTY MONEY touches upon its religious strings and its real-world impact: money as bribery, money as a finger tilting the balances of justice, money as a justification for destroying childhood through child labor and child abuse, and money as a luxury that corrodes character and warps psychology.


PEYOTE UGLY by Violet Jones x Henrik Uldalen x Santiago Pani x Daniel Martin

Peyote Ugly is a result of a collaboration between four artists from different countries; Poland, Holland, Mexico, and Norway, and was created during their residency at Arthouse Pani, in Tequisquiapan, Mexico. 

The art created for this drop is truly unique, encompassing a variety of techniques, from painting, sculpture, printmaking, and etching to their digital counterparts like 3D sculpting, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D scanning, and photography. This blending of techniques and cultures make this project truly one of a kind.

The Peyote Ugly: The Aztec Awakening drop, consists of four single-edition physical artworks with accompanying NFTs and two 20-edition NFTs. Additional airdrops will be raffled and sent to Peyote Ugly holders.

Peyote Ugly by Violet Jones x Henrik Uldalen x Santiago Pani x Daniel Martin

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