In the infinite vastness of the Metaverse, a new world comes into being. 

What do we take with us from the old world? What is sacred to us? And what is too dirty to be remade in this brave new world? The beloved deity of money is as beautiful as it is dirty. An eternal story meets the future, and at this milestone in history, we ask ourselves, what are the values of the new zeitgeist? 

The question is not whether you have money or want it. The question is how you deal with it. Some idolize it; others demonize it. Because money alone will not make you happy, you will have to let it flow. The interrupted flow is called hoarding. Avarice. Greed. All indicate a broken relationship with money. Life is in flow if the money is in flow. 


German thinker, poet, artist, and 20-year veteran of digital artistic practices, AL, aka DENKSTAHL poses these questions with his genesis NFT drop, calling into question the value systems that threaten to carry over from late capitalism to destroy the utopian visions of web3.

The Power of Money

DENKSTAHL is more interested in what money does with you than what you do with money.

The sinful dealing with money was described in the Bible as mammon. Mammon originally meant a dishonored yield or wealth that is spent immorally. 

HOLY DIRTY MONEY touches upon its religious strings and its real-world impact: money as bribery, money as a finger tilting the balances of justice, money as a justification for destroying childhood through child labor and child abuse, and money as a luxury that corrodes character and warps psychology.

“As a curator and advisor working at the intersection of art and technology, DENKSTAHL’s work stood out to me as exemplary. When I joined MakersPlace and was tasked with identifying and onboarding exceptional digital creators into our community, DENKSTAHL immediately came to mind.

“The works debuting on MakersPlace — the artist’s genesis NFTs — are the first of a multi-drop series we are planning on releasing throughout the year and beyond. The narrative thread between the releases is wonderful and there is a thoughtful crescendo where one builds upon and is more ambitious than the next.

“More than an artist, DENKSTAHL is a poet, a humanist, and an inspiration, and I am delighted to showcase his genesis NFTs on MakersPlace. And this is just the beginning.”

Jessica Davidson, MakersPlace Curator/Business Development Manager

The Drop

Ticket to Mars II

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Pricing: 24-hour auction with a reserve of 1 ETH

New Generation OFF

  • Editions: 10/10
  • Pricing: $500

Money Prayer

  • Editions: Raffle with 3 winners
  • Pricing: $1

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