Alice in Cryptoland II by Mark McKenna

“When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!”

Come revisit Alice and her friends from both Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land, including the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar and his hookah, the Jabberwocky, and the angry Red Queen. 

We all knew Alice in Wonderland as a magical place of childhood dreams, fantasies, and utter nonsense. Now as adults, Wonderland has changed, now a dreamland filled with nuance and innuendo. The children’s playground has grown to an adult adventure. 

Mark McKenna follows up his first Alice in Cryptoland drop — which sold out in seconds, netting nearly $30,000 in sales — with a sequel, an even more ambitious display of creativity that is equal parts comic book and Carroll.

Alice mark mckenna nft
Alice in Cryptoland by Mark McKenna


Immerse yourself in this audiovisual art-film collection documenting DOES’ day-by-day creative process, and discover how the creation of his intricate collage work comes together, cut by cut and frame by frame. 

Joos van Barneveld, better known in the art and graffiti worlds as DOES, is a painter, sculptor, graffiti artist, and former professional soccer player from the Netherlands. He has exhibited in the United States and his work has been featured in Graffiti Art Magazine.

For his first major foray into the world of NFTs, DOES stands by the understanding of art as a process-based practice as much as (if not significantly more than) a mere outcome to be bought and sold. 

As such, rather than sell a single piece as a single piece, he is giving fans and collectors the opportunity to own the process. Seven short documentary films on the making of a single piece of art will drop alongside his latest piece, Lotus, a collage that sold at his latest exhibition in Marseille, France


“A Brilliant Corner” by Javier Arrés x Thelonious Monk

Javier Arrés is a world-renowned motion / GIF artist and a 2019 London Art Biennale winner. Arrés is known for his manically detailed illustrations of fantastical scenery from cities, architecture, and machines. 

He brings these worlds to life through what he calls “Visual Toys,” an invitation into a fantastical world, inspiring the viewer to drop rational thought and simply play with their imaginations.

With the assistance of inspiration from one of music history’s most singular and significant artists, Arrés will debut his most complex Visual Toys to date in homage to the great Thelonious Monk. 

These two dizzyingly intricate pieces reflect Monk’s rebellious nature, creativity, and breaking of norms and barriers. In both, Arrés captures and mixes the soul of Monk’s music with the cityscapes of Manhattan, the city that nurtured Monk’s groundbreaking visions of jazz.

“A Brilliant Corner” by Javier Arrés x Thelonious Monk
“A Brilliant Corner” by Javier Arrés x Thelonious Monk

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