May is National Photography Month, and MakersPlace is ready to celebrate those artists who’ve captured our history, culture, joys, and sorrows. 

Photography is a time machine that freezes and distills moments into pure gesture and emotion. Photographs — when candid, truthful, and heartfelt — are our best window into the lives and experiences of others. They allow us to peer through a pinhole at what life must have been like across time, back to the first photos of the 1830s.

early photography
The earliest reliably dated photograph of people, View of the Boulevard du Temple, was taken by Louis Daguerre one spring morning in 1838 from the window of the Diorama, where he lived and worked. 

To celebrate the impact that photography has had on our understanding of time and space, MakersPlace will highlight photographers from across genres and techniques throughout May. To kick things off, allow us to highlight a few photographers who couldn’t be more different from one another but who nonetheless stand out as singular visionaries. 

street photography
“Snow Harmony” by YOH (collected by Art3x

celebrity portrait photography
Full Of Grace #5 by Ali Mahdavi and Catherine Baba

composite surreal photography
“Before The Creation | From In search Of Illusion | 2009” by Alireza Fani

landscape travel photography
Northern Lights by Christian Adam

sports photography
“Kobe Bryant, San Pedro, CA 2000” by Walter Iooss Jr.

fine art photography
“Until We Meet Again” by Victoria West (collected by Mondoir)

celebrity photography
Bella and Gigi by Taylor Jewell

aerial landscape photography
Me Myself & Hyams by New Light Visuals

Throughout May, we’ll be highlighting our favorite photographers from across MakersPlace. You should check in often because there are a lot of them!

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