George Lopez x Carlos Marcial

Eternal Cuernavaca – Dropping 4/25

The mission of the George Lopez Foundation is to create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children, adults and military families suffering with kidney disease. Each year,  the Foundation hosts The George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic.

This year, George Lopez, MakersPlace, and renowned crypto NFT artist Carlos Marcial have come together to support the cause, specifically to raise funds for children with kidney disease. 

Marcial’s and Lopez’s shared Mexican heritage formed the inspiration for this 1/1 commissioned work that illustrates their deep roots of Latin culture. 

This year’s NFT auction winner also receives:  

  • Two Tickets (2)  to the pre-event party  on Sunday, May 1st, 2022
  • Two Tickets (2)  to the golf tournament dinner on Monday, May 2nd, 2022. 

The Crystal Method x Micah Monkey

Watch Me Now – Dropping 4/26

The Crystal Method is holding their first NFT auction to celebrate the release of their latest album, “The Trip Out,” and its lead single, “Watch Me Now.”

The “Watch Me Now” animated music video is a stylish love letter to The Crystal Method’s native state of Nevada. Conceived and directed by Micah Chambers-Goldberg, the scenario centers on a woman dropped into the Mojave by two sinister men-in-black figures piloting a flying saucer. They torment her until she calls upon her crystal ship and takes her rightful seat as an otherworldly queen. She wreaks her vengeance on Area 51 before rocketing to a crystalline Las Vegas. 

The drop will include:

1:1 Auction of the full music video for “Watch Me Now”.  The auction winner receives:

  • Tickets and backstage passes to any TCM headline show of their choice (no festivals admission)
  • Pre-paid room in the same hotel as the artist in that city
  • Pre-show dinner with The Crystal Method
  • Autographed vinyl LP of “The Trip Out”
    • Airline tickets and ground transportation not included.


  • Tickets to a TCM headline show of buyer’s choice (no festivals admission) with meet-n-greet
  • Autographed vinyl LP of “The Trip Out”
    • Travel expenses to show not included


  • Buy all five and get an airdropped sixth NFT and autographed vinyl LP of “The Trip Out”
  • Buy three and get a fourth NFT airdropped

Jumper Maybach

Quantum Genesis – Dropping 4/27

Colors that jump off the canvas. Lines that sweep across the panorama. Patterns, phrases and textures that make a bright, bold statement. Jumper Maybach’s art is a constant evolution of color and an audacious mixing of techniques. The result is surprising and compelling abstract masterpieces that have inspired collectors, connoisseurs, galleries, and art enthusiasts from Houston to Milan, from Paris to Vienna. 

Now, world-renowned abstract artist Jumper Maybach — dubbed the Jackson Pollack of the 21st century — will be releasing his first ever NFT, “Quantum Genesis” as a unique 1/1 digital artwork.

An absorbing web of courageous colors, “Quantum Genesis” captures the mysterious origin of dreams, propelling the viewer on a journey into the celestial heavens — through space, time and the vivid depths of their own unconscious state of mind. 

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