Happy Earth Day! The official theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet,” and MakersPlace is acting on that by creating a new Carbon Zero NFT Initiative. In line with our mission “to enable a vibrant and sustainable future for digital creativity,” we are empowering the world’s digital creators to offset their environmental impact with every NFT minted as part of our drop program. 

Our commitment to sustainability is providing creators with the ability to protect and sell authentic and unique editions of their digital creations — while also protecting the planet. 

The Network Effect 

The value and popularity of NFTs have skyrocketed since MakerPlace was founded. Overall NFT trading hit $17.6 billion last year, an increase of 21,000% since 2020. NFTs are now firmly mainstream, with NFTs becoming a vehicle for artists, creators, sports figures, celebrities, media companies, and brands adopting them as a vehicle to showcase their talent, build a brand and expand their fanbase on a global basis.

Not only are more people aware of NFTs, but creators and artists are also making more money as well. The NFT industry generated close to $5.4 billion in profits through sales of NFTs in 2021 according to CNBC. However, NFTs do come with an additional cost – the energy consumption to mint them. While the NFT industry as a whole is taking numerous steps to address this issue – from developing new blockchains or enhancing existing blockchains to substantially reducing energy consumption. MakersPlace wants to add to this momentum and do our part to enlist our network to help minimize that impact while supporting new, innovative nature-based carbon offset programs.

Makersplace was built to connect creators with fans and collectors worldwide through our marketplace and network of partners. As a connector, we are constantly growing our network — of creators, buyers, fans, and more —  which we see as a force multiplier when we add our Carbon-Zero NFT initiative to the mix. The result is the more users we have, the more value we all get, and the greater the ripple effects from our efforts to help the planet.

SeaTrees’ Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project, which benefits the Cardamom Mountains Rainforest Ecoregion in Cambodia and is known as one of the most important locations for biodiversity conservation on the planet. Mangroves sequester 160% more carbon when located in a river estuary at the base of a healthy terrestrial forest.

How it Works: MakersPlace’s Carbon-Zero NFT Initiative

Teaming up with leading sustainability platform Aerial, MakersPlace is designing a program that offsets every drop NFT we mint — and will retroactively offset every drop NFT we’ve already minted this year. Our program goes beyond the typical carbon credits used by most companies to offset carbon use to also employ nature-based credits, which directly invest in environmental programs such as: 

We will also be working with SeaTrees’ top blue carbon REDD+ project in Cambodia. REDD+ stands for countries’ efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and foster conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

In addition, for every one tonne of CO2 removed through SeaTrees’ REDD+ project, we will also be supporting the restoration of 1 sq-ft of kelp in Southern California and planting 4 mangrove trees in Indonesia, which have the potential to sequester an additional 1.2 metric tonnes of CO2.

Looking Ahead

MakersPlace continues to be focused on empowering the world’s digital creators and enabling a vibrant future for digital creativity. 

We realize that we must do our part to ensure this future includes preserving our natural environment. We believe that the digital and natural realms can and should coexist. 

We hope that you’ll join us this Earth Day in celebrating how connectivity and creativity can help us all flourish. 

Stay green, 
Craig Palmer
CEO, MakersPlace