Reed Zimmerman – Dropping 4/12

Redd Zimmerman is a self-taught artist working in Cinema 4D (professional 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software), a medium he engaged with after leaving film school, searching for something more exciting than a RECORD button.

Zimmerman has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Wilson Volleyball, and Taylormade golf. Since then, Zimmerman has focused his efforts on creating elegant loopable renders and using C4D as his artistic medium of choice.

Full-Spectrum Bipeds

For his Genesis MakersPlace drop, Zimmerman’s “Full-Spectrum Bipeds” focuses on four robotic humanoid bipeds from the distant future — a “new Earth.” The collection conveys Zimmerman’s hope for our metaversal future; rather than gloomy robotic humanoids, Zimmerman emphasizes color, vibrancy, and — above all — optimism for the future.

These humanoid bipeds generate electromagnetic radiation through their treadmills, helping them remain on the same wavelength and supplanting the earth’s need for natural gas thanks to their relentless strolling ever forward. According to Zimmerman, “tripping the light fantastic is the only thing keeping things moving.”

Amir Fallah – Dropping 4/13

Amir H. Fallah creates paintings, sculptures, and installations that utilize personal history as an entry point to discuss race, representation, the body, and the memories of cultures and countries left behind.

For the past two years, Amir H. Fallah has created intricate and autobiographical paintings by mining the archives of universities, libraries, museums, and public collections. The resulting paintings perform as active documents of his lived experience. Turning to a new phase of his practice, Fallah turns to his archive to produce work that exists solely in the digital realm.

An Anthem For Uncertain Times

The artworks in this series function as archeological surveys, where new works cannibalize the old and uncover new perspectives within his practice. The works appropriate children’s book illustrations, advertising, art history, and popular culture, focusing on themes of immigration, assimilation, climate change, xenophobia, and social justice.

Nadieh Bremmer – Dropping 4/14

Nadieh Bremer is a data visualization artist who once graduated as an Astronomer, started working as a data scientist before finding her true passion in the visualization of data.

As 2017’s “Best Individual” in the Information is Beautiful Awards, she focuses on visuals that are uniquely crafted for each specific dataset, often using large and complex datasets while employing vibrant color palettes.

She’s made visualizations and art for companies such as Google News Lab, Sony Music, the New York Times and UNESCO and has recently ventured into creating both 1/1 and long-form generative and data art NFT collections.

Patchwork Metropoles

 “Patchwork Metropoles” is a collection of five data-visualization generative art pieces, continuing her “Patchwork Kingdoms” collection. Based on connectivity data from ~280,000 schools from around the world, “Patchwork Kingdoms” was created to support the Giga project of UNICEF, aiming to connect every school in the world to the internet.

In these new artworks, each square represents one specific school already connected to the internet, randomly chosen from UNICEF’s Giga database. In celebration of UNICEF’s 75th birthday, each Patchwork Metropolis contains a ten-multiple of 75 schools (10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 times 75). The markings of each square are inspired by the metadata of the school itself and how it “combines” with similar schools around it.

The five metropoles in this collection represent the ultimate intended future, where all the schools in every village, town, and giant, bustling city are connected to the internet.

These artworks will continue to support the Giga project, with 25% of the sales profits donated to UNICEF.

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