Anime and manga are quickly rising genres in the NFT space. MakersPlace hosts a wide range of artists and collections working with anime/manga styles in their artwork. 

Capsule House

Another manga-style project coming aboard MakersPace is Capsule House, with a total sales volume of $3MM over just the last seven days. Capsule House is a collection of 10,000 unique CAPSULE NFTs — a digital version of the gachapon (ガシャポン) capsule toys popular in Japan.

With over 120 variants and endless combinations of traits, each Capsule NFT contains a verifiably rare and unique gachapon artwork. Holding a Capsule grants you future drops from the team, as well as an all-access pass to the expansion of the CAPSULEVerse.

Zodiac Capsule Collection

The Zodiac Capsule collection is a supplementary collection launched in November 2021 as a free mint to Capsule House holders. A Zodiac can either be minted from a Capsule whose Zodiac has been unclaimed or bought on the secondary market. In order to unlock the utility of the hatched Capsule profile picture, you must hold a capsule from the original Capsule House collection. 


Azuki NFT pfp

One notable project, Azuki — now available on MakersPlace — is a fast-growing blue-chip NFT pfp (profile pic) collection of anime-style characters in profile. Though they only launched earlier this year, the project is currently the fourth-ranked pfp project — beating out Cool Cats, Meebits, and Doodles and only behind CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club. 


Pondering is one such artist who paints easter-egg-filled digital dreamscapes inspired by anime, gaming, and web3 culture. (Pondering has also been commissioned by Capsule House to create their first community treasury-funded project to be minted by our holders this April. 

Honor of King Samurai by Pondering
Honor of Kong Samurai 🦍👺 by Pondering


Alex Pardee’s collection “ANIME-iacs” blends Pardee’s signature “brightmare” aesthetic onto anime-style characters for some truly horrific results. 

BLOOD MOON by Alex Pardee
“BLOOD MOON” by Alex Pardee


MakersPlace creator 0010 creates muted scenes reminiscent of a Klimt smitten with the Japanese figurative style.

meditations by 0010
meditations by 0010


On the other end of the spectrum are artists like Fades, who creates saturated anime portraits that feel like retro ad campaigns — manga’s answer to pop art.  

Yummy! by Fades
Yummy! by Fades

If more straightforward manga fare is your style, you can also check out Pearlgray, Zeronis, Kazu, Bysne, and many more at MakersPlace.

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