Are you playing the market or is the market playing you?

Jonathan Nash is a UK-based animator whose art focuses on 3D animations of miniature worlds and characters. Since selling his first NFT for 1 ETH in February 2021 ($1,495 at the time), Jonathan has seen an ever-increasing demand for his work, culminating in sales topping $195,000 for individual one-of-one pieces and instant sellouts on larger editions.

Playing the Market

For the “Playing the Market” collection, Nash has expanded his miniature spaceman universe with a range of new, colorful space-people engaging in web3 degen behavior — though with their own unique style. 

The brightly colored friends mint and hodl and pump and vacillate between fear and greed, just like your favorite degens (or you)! But the presence of a shadowy hand hints at the dark truth of an unseen mover behind all this market mania.

The series features a 1/1 edition, two limited editions, and a $1 collectors raffle. Preview the Drop artworks below!

Edition of One

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

*No reserve price. 48 hour auction.

Limited Editions
Fear & Greed

The market can do a complete 180° From one day to the next. But who has their finger on the needle…

Editions: 20
Pricing: $1,000 USD / Edition

*Limited edition artworks will be available for a flat rate; first come, first buy.


In for the pump, stay for the dump.

Editions: 40
Pricing: $500 USD / Edition

*Limited edition artworks will be available for a flat rate; first come, first buy.

$1 Collectors Raffle
Diamond Hands

Holding on for dear life while the floor tanks. An under appreciated skill.

Editions: 10
Pricing: $1 USD / Edition

*Raffle only for collectors of Jonathan Nash, Open Sea collectors manually whitelisted.

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