The Graffiti Queens exhibition is the largest all-woman, no-artist-limit, no-rules-apply, no-fee, no-age-limit, non-platform-specific art exhibition in celebration of women and recognition of their immeasurable contribution to the space. The Second Annual Graffiti Queens NFT Art Festival, hosting 400+ artists throughout the metaverse, is from April 3 to April 10, 2022.

The Super Ego’s Tea Party by Yonat Vaks
The Super Ego’s Tea Party by Yonat Vaks

The Graffiti Queens exhibit first debuted last year — in collaboration with Graffiti Kings — to help women artists surmount their specific challenges and ascend to an equal footing in the NFT space. The Graffiti Kings deem themselves “deluded professional megalomaniacs who’ve been playing on the golden sprayed streets of broken Britain since the early 70s,” and are now mainstays of the NFT space.


Organizers of this year’s event include CryptoYuna, SmartLove (aka Sassy), Alina Loseva, Aisha Arif from MakersPlace and more. Gallery helpers include Ben Horning from BBstudios, Valiant, and Claudia Pawlak to name a few. Volunteer Angie Taylor stepped up to hold a special mini expose called Graffiti Queers in the London Gallery with Eclectic Method, herself, and Vector Meldrew to DJ.

Stars by AVE
Stars by AVE

Artists included in MakersPlace’s metaverse galleries:

  1. Jess Lambie
  2. Postcitizen
  3. Bishal Roy
  4. Milana Juventa
  5. Gala Mirissa
  6. VOKE
  7. BlueZenith
  8. Jung
  9. officialivelina/IVELINA
  10. Nadiia Forkosh
  11. Syvy
  12. AVE
  13. Luisa Espiñeira
  14. Lula Goce
  15. Geumat
  16. Marischa Becker
  17. Valérie Biet
  18. Laya Mathikshara
  19. Greg Fiut
  20. Yonat Vaks
  21. Leah Berman
  22. Animalitoland
  23. Venus Skins (Isa Kost, Barbara Tosti, Serste, Cristiana Vettor and Vanesa Stati)
  24. Diana Coatu
  25. Marmota vs. Milky
  26. Sandy Chuchat
  27. @josyarte
  28. resetnft
  29. ruth allen
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