Today, we are excited to announce that collectors will now have the option to buy or sell NFTs from the Fatales NFT collection on the secondary market, directly on MakersPlace. Purchasing a creation from the Fatales collection, or any verified third party collections on MakersPlace, allows you to benefit from guaranteed authenticity and a low commission fee of only 0.5%.

You can learn more about verified third party collections on MakersPlace here.

About Fatales

A 10K all-female collectible with discerning artistic traits, featuring three species staged in a coup d’état for aesthetics.

Fatales NFT Collection

Fatales is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Fatales continues to be one of the most bold & fashionable women-created projects in the metaverse.

To achieve her unique vision, the founder and artist, Lisb.eth, painstakingly created hundreds of traits for this collection, which is why the variety of these Fatales is better than any other collection in existence today.

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Collector’s Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate the landing of the Fatales NFT collection on the MakersPlace verified third party marketplace, we will be purchasing a Fatales NFT listed at the market floor on MakersPlace and gifting the token to a lucky community member. Owners of the collection who have a wallet connected which holds a Fatales NFT will be eligible to receive the airdrop. List your Fatales now and we might scoop yours up to be used for the giveaway!

In addition to the collectors giveaway, MakersPlace will be covering all gas fees associated with the Fatales series for the next 48 hours (today 03/22 and tomorrow 03/23 only)!

About the Artist: Lisb.eth

Lisb.eth is an American digital artist and painter who began minting art on the Ethereum blockchain in 2021. Her work tangles the line of fine art with digital surrealism; crafting and improvising complex narratives that leave viewers with more questions than they originally anticipate.

Finding inspiration through greek literature, philosophy, and early 2000s internet, she produces art that is an amalgamation of historical motifs selectively bent into new shapes for a digital world.

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