Today, we are excited to announce that collectors will now have the option to buy or sell NFTs from the Clay Friends NFT collection on the secondary market, directly on MakersPlace. Purchasing a creation from this collection, or any verified third party collections on MakersPlace allows you to benefit from guaranteed authenticity and a low commission fee of only 0.5%.

You can learn more about verified third party collections on MakersPlace here.

Clay Friends

Clay Friends NFT Collection

World renowned stop-motion animator Trent Shy is pleased to present Clay Friends, a 5000 piece generative collection made from 100% real clay. Blending meticulously hand-crafted works of art with a one-of-a-kind community experience, Clay Friends represents the unity of web3 and world class artistry.

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Collector’s Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate the landing of the Clay Friends NFT collection on the MakersPlace verified third party marketplace, we will be purchasing a Clay Friends NFT listed at the market floor on MakersPlace and gifting the token to a lucky community member. Owners of the collection who have a wallet connected which holds a ClayFriend will be eligible to receive the airdrop. List your Clay Friend now and we might scoop yours up to be used for the giveaway!

In addition to the collectors giveaway, MakersPlace will be covering all gas fees associated with the series for the next 48 hours (today 03/18 and tomorrow 03/19 only)!

The Making of Clay Friends NFT Collection

Take a look behind the scenes and see Trent Shy’s creative process of the making of Clay Friends NFT collection, a handmade generative art project of 5,000 unique NFTs.

About Trent Shy
Clay Friends Trent Shy

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Trent Shy is a self-taught stop-motion animator widely considered a leading expert in his art form. Trent has a loyal following on social media platforms with almost 1 million followers and over 250 million views across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Having worked with notable brands such as New Balance, MTV, Bleacher Report, Trent is no stranger to corporate partnerships and how to navigate them. In his free time, Trent is passionate about spending time with his wife Liz and hitting the trails on his mountain bike.

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