MakersPlace is excited to announce Venus of Metaverse II, a weekly celebration paying respect to women creatives – whose artworks highlight the immense talent, diversity of style, and undeniable artistic impact coming from women artists in the NFT/cryptoart space. 

Venus of Metaverse

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are shining a well-deserved spotlight on a number of amazing women creators and their contributions to the crypto art/rare digital art movement through our second annual “Venus of Metaverse” community exhibition.

The crypto art space is filled with a plethora of amazing women artists with varying backgrounds and styles that often fly under the radar. We hope to shine a well-deserved spotlight on our amazing MakersPlace women creators and their contributions to the crypto digital art movement.

Each week in March, we will present a new collection of artworks from a group of incredible women creators. The first of the four spotlights will launch on International Women’s Day and continue at the start of each week through the end of March.

We called on our community of women to submit their works, and they delivered! With over 150+ submissions, we’ve decided to showcase the artworks in a series of four community exhibitions over the entire month of March instead of our original plan to showcase one collective exhibition on International Women’s Day, March 8.

Mark your calendars for opening day, International Women’s Day, March 8. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and sign up for our email newsletter for updates!

Join us on Twitter Spaces every Tuesday at 9 AM ET through the month of March for our ‘Women in NFTs’ series, featuring incredible women creator guest speakers in the NFT community.

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