Today, we are excited to announce that collectors will now have the option to buy or sell NFTs from Digital Animals on the secondary market, directly on MakersPlace. Purchasing a creation from this collection, or any verified third party collections, on MakersPlace allows you to benefit from guaranteed authenticity and a low commission fee of only 0.5%.

You can learn more about verified third party collections on MakersPlace here.

Digital Animals

Digital Animals, spearheaded by artist Igor, is a first of its kind generative art project consisting of 8888 unique animals whose “souls” are generated by an algorithm using 20+ metrics of Twitter and wallet analysis.

Going where no other PFP project has gone before, Digital Animals utilizes user data to define minting outcomes and create a “digital soul” which mirrors your digital persona and social profiles.

Possibilities are endless for Digital Animals owners who, once a member of the community, have the option of taking their Digital Animals out to play in a digital video game accessible only to holders.

A league of “legendary animals” dwell within the world of this game and are unlocked only within it.

Through their unique processes and utilities , Digital Animals is introducing a new level of personalization, innovation and interactivity to the PFP landscape. We are honored to welcome them to MakersPlace!

Learn more about Digital Animals here:

Collector’s Giveaway

To celebrate the landing of the Digital Animals collection on the MakersPlace verified third party marketplace we will be purchasing a Digital Animal listed at the market floor on MakersPlace and gifting the token to a lucky community member. Participation in this giveaway is limited to verified MakersPlace users with a connected wallet and Digital Animal NFT listed with a price.

About the Artist

igor is a digital artist with more than 12 years of experience.
He is experimenting with real physical phenomena, synthesizing materials
and catching dispersion. He is the owner of and design director of

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