Introducing our new CEO – Craig Palmer

After 4 years of directly building and scaling MakersPlace as founder and CEO, I’ve decided to step into a new role as Executive Chairman of the board, and the board and I have appointed Craig Palmer as MakersPlace’s new CEO.

In first meeting Craig I was impressed with his proven track record of taking fast growing companies and pouring rocket fuel on them to grow even faster, something that I’m excited about bringing into MakersPlace. 

Although this wasn’t a decision taken lightly, I believe it is the right one in order for us to rapidly meet the fast-growing needs of our community of creators and collectors. In my new role as Executive Chairman, I will work closely with Craig to shepherd the company and our creative-focused mission forward with greater conviction.

When we first started MakersPlace, we set out to chart a new and bright path for digital creatives by empowering them with the tools to be more creative and most importantly build a long-term path for their creativity. 

There was once a world where digital creatives struggled with attribution and monetizing their creativity, which is no longer the case because of NFTs and blockchain technology. I’m proud to say that MakersPlace played a giant role in enabling this to happen.

MakersPlace is a pioneering community and marketplace for authentic NFTs, and over the years have paid out over $100M+ to creatives worldwide. We’ve helped artists of all backgrounds find success in their digital craft, while also facilitating some of the most significant sales in the NFT space, including the $69.3M sale of Everydays – The First 5000 Days by Beeple at Christie’s, which many attribute as the big bang moment for NFTs.

With all that we’ve accomplished, it’s remarkable to also acknowledge that we’re still only in the first inning for NFTs and its potential impact to creativity, and most importantly MakersPlace’s unique position to realize this potential.  

I’m proud of all that the team has accomplished to date, and I’m excited about what’s to come under Craig’s new leadership.

Dannie Chu

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