Arben Vllasaliu – Dropping 2/22

“In this series, I wanted to include the feeling of meditation and nature that the animations are supposed to convey to the viewer. I believe that the more positive repetition you include in your daily life, the more healthy habits you will build.”

Arben Vllasaliu is a 3D visual animation artist from Kosovo. Vllasaliu started his career in the arts working for leading companies in Kosovo until eventually embarking on his solo career as a freelance visual and 3D artist. With over 10 years of experience in animation and graphic design, he has worked with well-known international brands such as Ford, Twitter, Burberry, Samsung, American Express, Universal Music Group and Wacom.


In REPETITION, Arben Vllasaliu explores themes of routine and its relation to our health and wellbeing. Looping animated scenes of nature are meant to evoke the feeling of meditation.

“Repetition is therapeutic. Rituals provide structure and something to hold on to, and free us from the tyranny of choices. After all, the world is constantly inviting us to try, buy and taste something new. Everything and everyone is vying for our attention, and the number of possibilities is overwhelming. To live a good life, it would be better to ignore this overabundant supply as much as possible, and do what you’ve always done. To focus our attention on something specific instead of always looking for something new.”

Yiying Lu – Dropping 2/23

From the Twitter Whale to Dumpling & Boba Emojis, Disney Shanghai Mickey Mouse to Conan O’Brien Pale Whale, Yiying Lu creates iconic designs & brands which transcend the linguistic barriers, unite people and enchant audiences around the world. She is also a sought-after bilingual speaker in both English and Chinese, on topics of cross-cultural design, creativity, and innovation at global conferences such as SXSW, TEDx, Adobe MAX, Web Summit and so on.

2022 The Year of Tiger

In “2022 The Year of Tiger,” Yiying Lu depicts the 2022 Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger, through the presentation of four artworks symbolizing strength, power, courage, and ambition. The animal is a symbolic release of fears, standing for truth, justice, and integrity. Lu incorporates the colors blue and green, as they​ are said to bring some additional luck this year.

Hackatao – Dropping 2/24

Hackatao is a renowned artist duo born in Milan in 2007, pioneering the crypto art space since 2018. “Hack” for the pleasure of discovering what’s hidden under the skin; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance.

They are known across the community for their iconic contemporary creation style, which incorporates street art, graphic design, tattoo art, and more. Hackatao’s artworks span mediums and artistic genres, yet almost always carry vital social commentary, often centered around psychology, humanity, the environment, and crypto. Their artworks include a number of symbols, nods to pop culture, and historical references.

Remix Me Part 3

Pioneering cryptoart duo Hackatao are breaking open the concept of “remix art” and diving straight in, exploring psychology, humanity, the environment, and crypto through a collective community art project. Alongside Piselli and Partners law firm and curator Eleonora Brizi (Breezy), Hackatao is calling on the cryptoart community at large to help explore the meaning and implications of what it means to remix a piece of art.

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