deadmau5, who is Joel Zimmerman, is an internationally acclaimed electronic music producer, musician and entrepreneur.  A multiple JUNO Award-winner and GRAMMY nominee, deadmau5 produces a variety of styles and forms of electronic music. In the live realm, his 2019/20 U.S. cubev3 tour featuring production of his own design and implementation ranked in the Top 10 of Pollstar’s top tours globally.  

His passion for art of all kinds has found him collaborating with the likes of digital and physical artists like Ron English, OG Slick, Mad Dog Jones, and Gregory Siff to name a few. Since 2019 with the release of his first NFT drop with WAX.IO/Rarez, he has continued to push boundaries in the art and tech world by creating and releasing his own collections, such as his most recent in collaboration with Smearballs titled ‘head5’ consisting of 5555 unique generated avatars released on the Polygon blockchain as well as “this is fine.,” a song NFT in collaboration with Portugal. The Man.  

In 2021, deadmau5 along with partners Richie Hawtin, and music industry veterans Dean Wilson, Ben Turner and Inder Phull launched PIXELYNX, the venture that is focused on building technology and acquiring equity in a range of startups that will form the foundation of how music is experienced in the metaverse including the expansion of NFTs.  Currently, deadmau5 is in the top echelons of the highest performing music artists in the space with over $4 million in digital collectable sales.


Vinyl toy collectibles meet metaverse art. Enamored with the beauty of the digital ownership movement, Sander a.k.a. SuperNfty wanted to make something that could only exist in the digital world. His 3D animated character style is heavily influenced by Pop culture, Anime, Street art and Designer Toys. The 26 year old Belgian 3D artist sculpts his artworks in VR, which gives them their unique ‘cute but cool’ look. Adding a custom animation breathes life into each collectible in a way that wasn’t possible with traditional collectible art.


Get ready for Spacemau5 – an antigravity audiovisual that Earth’s atmosphere just couldn’t contain.

Art by SuperNfty and deadmau5. Music by deadmau5.

Preview of SpaceMau5. View full artwork here.

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

*A 24 hour auction will be triggered once reserve price of 2 ETH is met.

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