Today, we are excited to announce that collectors will now have the option to buy or sell NFTs from Toddlerpillars on the secondary market, directly on MakersPlace. Purchasing a creation from this collection, or any verified third party collections, on MakersPlace allows you to benefit from guaranteed authenticity and a low commission fee of only 0.5%.

You can learn more about verified third party collections on MakersPlace here.


Toddlerpillars is the brain baby of artists Jon Beinart and Tim Molloy, consisting of 9,999 Toddlerpillar NFTs generated from 888 mind-bending traits, including 60 ultra-rare 1/1s. The project extends the 20 year history of artist and gallerist Jon Beinart‘s renowned Toddlerpillar doll sculptures, imbuing them with new psychedelic energy from award-winning artist and madman, Tim Molloy.

Toddlerpillar holders join an interdimensional art collective with access to global gatherings and exclusive airdrops, along with a long term vision to expand the Toddlerpillar brand into an animated series & vinyl collectables.

Learn more about Toddlerpillars here.

Collector’s Giveaway

To celebrate the landing of the Toddlerpillars collection on the MakersPlace verified third party marketplace we will be purchasing a Toddlerpillar listed at the market floor on MakersPlace and gifting the token to a lucky community member. Participation in this giveaway is limited to verified MakersPlace users with a connected wallet and Toddlerpillar NFT listed with a price.

Jon Beinart
Tim Molloy

​Tim Molloy makes ridiculous apocalyptic psychedelic art mostly in the form of surrealist comic books, paintings and sculpture. Available for Illustration and Commission work.

”My work is an ever expanding and interconnected web of dreamlike and nightmarish storylines soaked heavily in delusion, confusion and a general sense of unease. I draw heavily on surrealist techniques, symbolist ideas, synchronicity and dreams to construct my stories. Recurring themes include (but are not exclusive to) death, rebirth, the nature and expansion of consciousness, self-destruction and discovery… There is a kind of pre- apocalyptic tension throughout, balanced (I hope) with a sense of humor that stops it all from getting too serious…”

20 year history of the Toddlerpillars

This project evolved from Jon Beinart’s infamous insectoid doll sculptures, the Toddlerpillars, which were originally birthed in 2002. These sculptures were published widely in art books and popular magazines and they frequently went viral, reaching all corners of the internet. They were also exhibited in a number of galleries and museums.

In 2011 Jon moved on from this series of sculptures to focus on his oil paintings. In 2016 he opened Beinart Gallery with Corinne Leita in Melbourne Australia. This NFT project marks Jon’s return to one of his earliest artistic creations, the Toddlerpillars, in a partnership with the incredible illustrator, Tim Molloy.

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