Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealist fantasy artist based in Florida who is best known for his work on Magic: The Gathering from 2011 to 2014, creating every card type. He also created the concepts for Return to Ravnica and Theros sets, helping to design the characters and creatures. Since then, Mohrbacher’s focus has been on his personal brand, Angelarium — wondrous interpretations of angels from various mythologies and cultures.

“I’m on a mission to help other artists pull away from a shrinking commercial market and guide them to build their own creations.”

Mohrbacher is a trail-blazer as an indie artist in the illustration world. The launch of his independent fantasy illustration project and book, Angelarium, which he has worked on full time for over four years now, has paved the way for independent illustrators across the world to pursue their own creative dreams. He has been creating digital artworks in Photoshop for over 20 years, even predating the actual introduction of paint tools within the program. 

Mohrbacher’s style is vivid, fantastical and undeniably distinct— It transports us to beautiful, mythological worlds full of color and delicately depicted characters.

Mohrbacher’s artworks are some of the earliest artworks to ever have been minted on MakersPlace. Mohrbacher sold over $17K+ in artworks for his genesis Zodiac series, with his editions selling for $300+. His 100 edition artwork, Azrael, Keeper of the Golden Heart, sold out within seconds and his single edition release Malkuth, Emanation of the Kingdom sold to collector Mamentum for 4.8 ETH (~$2,758 at the time).

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Renewed Growth

In “Renewed Growth,” Mohrbacher presents the latest chapter of his Angelarium collection- this time reflecting on optimism, growth, and the looking ahead to a bright future. In this chapter we are introduced to the angel of impermanence, Israfel, and Quillion, who represents the first ever Scion to be added to the Angelarium collection. Prepare for two fantastical creations which embody Mohrbacher’s uncanny ability to transport us to new worlds through enchanting visual storytelling.

Quillion, Scion of Renewed Growth

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

* A 24 hour auction will be triggered once reserve price is met.

Israfel, Shadow of Perfect Bliss

Editions: 10
Pricing: $650/edition

*All limited edition artworks will be available for a flat rate- first come, first buy.

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