Over the last 6 months, there has been major excitement for a new form of NFT-enabled digital art — collections. Popular collections include Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, where you can own a unique artwork out of a limited set of 10K, and in the process get access to a close-knit community of collectors and special perks. Some of the more popular collections have also been collected by superstar athletes, hollywood A-listers and more, making those collections even more desired by collectors.

What’s special about an NFT Collection?

What if owning a Michael Jordan basketball card gave you early access to his upcoming sneaker drop?


Community is a powerful thing. Consciously or not, humans vie to be apart of a community in some form. Whether to align on a common purpose, shared belief or to just belong.

NFT collections act as a limited set of secure tickets into an exclusive community. The total limit of a collection varies from 100s to 10,000+, and owners of each NFT commonly gets exclusive access to special perks within the community. As the community grows in popularity, the limited number means that future community members will have to “buy into” the community, leading to an increase in value for the collection.


If the NFT collection enables limited access to a community, each individual NFT serves as one’s identity within the community. For this reason, many still refer to NFT collections as PFPs (profile pictures) because the early projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes are literally profile pictures that a collector can show off as their digital identity within the community and across the web.

Eminem’s Bored Ape NFT , serving as his Twitter profile pic — aka “EminApe”

This has since evolved into artists creating unique variations of artworks which go beyond a simple profile picture. Pak is a good example. His latest collections include The Creation, LOSTPOETS, and merge. All collections have pushed the boundaries here, where in the case of merge, your identity is defined by the size of your commitment to the collection. (e.g how many merge units you own)

Collecting art has long been seen as a reflection of one’s personality. Each artwork within an NFT collection also possesses a unique set of traits of varying rarity, allowing collectors to find that unique artwork that they can truly call their own.


Finally, as an owner of an NFT within a collection and a unique member of the community, you can get exclusive access to unique perks, verified by your ownership of the NFT. What if owning a Michael Jordan basketball card gave you early access to his upcoming sneaker drop? NFTs make this easy to enable.

Perks from past projects have included:

  • Members-only voting into the direction of the community
  • Limited edition physical merchandise
  • Private parties and events
  • Royalties
  • Early access to future drops and free airdrops

NFT Collections Powered by MakersPlace

We’re excited to announce that starting today our leading Drop platform will now support and enable creators to sell their own NFT art collections through MakersPlace, offering the following main benefits:

  • Credit card and cryptocurrency buying options for buyers.
  • Fair minting of tokens, avoiding common problems like failed transactions and lost gas fees.
  • A white-gloved Drop experience for creators looking to promote, sell and mint their collections.

We’ve already partnered with a number of leading artists to help produce and launch their collections.

If you’re an artist interested in partnering with us, let us know here.

NFT Collection #1 — Ursa Major by Grammy-Nominated Singer/Songwriter Poo Bear

For our first NFT Collections drop, we’ve partnered with acclaimed singer/songwriter Poo Bear to produce the first-ever NFT-native animated music group to be introduced as an NFT Collection — Ursa Major.

10K NFT holders will gain exclusive access to this community through their upcoming Drop (date to be announced) along with special perks such as limited edition merch, input into musical collaborations, royalties and more. The team is continually sharing details about their roadmap on their Discord channel.

We encourage you to follow the project as we approach an official Drop date.

In Closing

NFT Collections take collecting digital art to a whole new level by creating an exclusive community verified and managed by the holders the NFTs. We’re excited to offer not only the ability to discover from a verified set of collections, but for artists and creators to launch their own collections to their community.

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