Ethan Pines – Dropping 11/22

An award-winning commercial, editorial and fine-art photographer, Ethan Pines has created some of the most iconic portraits of our time. Highlights of his 20-year career include photographing Elon Musk, Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes (his portrait became the poster for the HBO documentary on her), Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, Uber founder Travis Kalanick, Shaquille O’Neal, Jackie Chan, Kesha, and countless other celebrities and tech luminaries.

His work has spanned ad campaigns for Dolby, Genentech, SolarCity, Universal Studios and others; regular editorial projects for Forbes, Wired, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal; numerous group exhibitions; and a solo show at New Theme gallery in Los Angeles. He’s been honored by the Communication Arts Photo Annual, the Graphis Photography Annual, the American Photography Annual and the International Photography Awards.

Iconography : Series One

For his inaugural NFT drop, award-winning photographer Ethan Pines presents Iconography : Series One, new artworks based on his portraits of a unique trifecta of icons in the tech and crypto worlds: Elon Musk, Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin and Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Ethan has transformed his portraits into mesmerizing animations ranging from playful to hypnotic to haunting. You won’t find pieces like these anywhere else: These are THE iconic portraits of Elizabeth Holmes. The images of Vitalik Buterin are some of the only professional portraits of him in existence. And no one has shot Elon Musk like this — inside a Spacex rocket-fuel tank.

Captured during Ethan’s decade photographing tech luminaries for Forbes and other magazines, these pieces are not simply defining portraits of the subjects, but illuminations of the current era of tech itself.

H+ Creative – Dropping 11/23

H+ Creative is a premier creative agency representing a tight-knit roster of top-tier, diverse and international artists. Their extensive family of curated talents is the best of the best, with infinite capabilities. They pride ourselves on the deeply-rooted network they maintain in the creative industry, our presence is universal. They don’t believe in restrictions and know that the future is limitless.

Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka produces immersive illustrations using forms, shapes and bold colors to elevate aesthetics for the most recognizable brands on the planet. As an established artist and art director, Peter is able to craft mesmerizing visual experiences.

James Tralie

James Tralie is a director, 3D artist and animator based in Washington, D.C. He works at the intersection of science and art to create dreamy, otherworldly scenes and immersive content. He excels at explaining complex scientific discoveries and concepts in the form of short, animated content. With his 3D design work, he constantly seeks to capture the confluence of the built and natural worlds through inviting, relaxing places and spaces.

Paulina Almira

Paulina Almira is a graphic designer and digital illustrator from the Philippines. Her dreamlike arrangements combine elements of technology, fashion, and the natural world to build surreal, playful compositions with retro-futurism as an overarching theme.

Victor Moatti

Victor Moatti is a French designer and illustrator from Paris. His work captures emotions of sensuality and mystery; each piece feels nostalgic while remaining new and futuristic.

Utopian Paradise

Utopian Paradises and blissful planes of existence from the limitless talents of H+ Creative curated and represented artists Peter Tarka, James Tralie, Paulina Almira, and Victor Moatti.

Rewind Collective – Dropping 11/24

Rewind Collective is a digital arts collective aimed at addressing the gender and minority imbalances throughout the art world.

Rewind Collective create original digital works, digital editions, and digital works in
response to existing physical artworks. They aim to uplift women and minorities through
our work, the largest groups of people who have been traditionally marginalized by the art world.

Pixelated Heroes

Did you know that the twenty most expensive artworks in the world are by white men? It
is time to rewind back the patriarchy, misogyny, and segregation and shine a light on those who deserve to be seen and heard.

Meet the Pixilated Heroes, a collection of unique portraits which aim to do just this by supporting diversity and women across the typically male-dominated world of NFT’s and beyond. A percentage of all proceeds of primary sales will be donated to charities selected by Rewind Collective.

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