We are excited to announce Transcendence: Trans and Nonbinary Artists in the Metaverse, a celebration and spotlight of Trans and Non-binary artists within the NFT community. Curated by Kate the Cursed, this exhibition highlights the plethora of unique styles and bodies of artwork of seven amazing Trans/Non-binary artists who are breaking boundaries on and offline. This exhibition aims to facilitate crucial dialogue within the NFT community surrounding visibility and support for our incredible community of Trans/Non-binary artists, while introducing a collection of breathtaking creations in the process.

Mark your calendars for 4 PM PT on 11/19 for the virtual gallery opening of Transcendence: Trans and Non-binary Artists in the Metaverse in our Cryptovoxels gallery.

We will be celebrating the opening with a number of artists talks and live-streamed gallery walk through on the MakersPlace Discord at opening time.

Transcendence: Trans and Non-binary Artists in the Metaverse

Curated by Kate the Cursed

As a trans artist in NFTs, when I started, there were very few of us out and open. I’m so proud that now we have a trans community large enough that I even could curate for an event like this!!

About Kate the Cursed

Katherina “Kate the Cursed” Jesek (b. 1999) is a multimedia artist, writer, curator, and transgender activist from New York. Her artwork focuses on authentic, outdated display technology, making heavy use of cathode ray tubes and more recently, vintage oscilloscopes. She’s been publishing glitch art on the internet under the name Kate the Cursed since August 2019, and has sold hundreds of non-fungible art tokens across a handful of blockchains since beginning her cryptoart career in October 2020. Her artwork has been exhibited physically in New York as well as virtually with imnotArt and AccelerateArt in Cryptovoxels and Tokensmart in Decentraland.

Sky by Sky Goodman

Self Portrait

Source material burned to a DVD and run through a Tachyons plus effects processor called The Psychenizer.

Rescanned with an old i phone.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers or Available for Purchase at 0.0999 ETH (~$458)

There Are No Accidents by Sky Goodman

Self Portrait collage created in PS textured with feedback video captures which were created with vintage video mixers and rescanned off a CRT monitor.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers or Available for Purchase at 0.18 ETH (~$826)

About Sky Goodman

Sky Goodman is a multimedia artist living in Chicago. Goodman works with obsolete and emergent technology to create portraits, scapes, and fantasy worlds. The artworks of Sky Goodman are heavily influenced by science fiction literature, queerness, fashion, and nature.

 In 2014 things took a turn when my computer glitched out! I discovered the Glitch Artists Collective and began integrating technology into my way of creating. My work often merges obsolete technology with emergent tech (think old school video mixers, analog glitch mixing in VR scapes and animations). I’m not defined by one interest or aesthetic, I go where my curiosity takes me.

Facial Topography by Laurel Charleston

“Facial Topography” is a surrealist work created entirely from makeup. It is inspired by topographical patterns and their organic form.

With hand painted lines that seem to warp reality, Laurel boldly redefines the perceived structure of the face with this viral makeup sensation.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

Trans Love by Laurel Charleston

This is surrealistic self-portrait created with makeup.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

About Laurel Charleston

Laurel Charleston is a Brooklyn-based Transgender artist turning makeup into fine art. Her work has recently been featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, in NY Times, Numéro Magazine, Tush Magazine, Paper Magazine, Dazed Beauty and Them.

Identity Osmosis by Zak Krevitt x Laurel Charleston

Nonbinary Maximalism – Constant Impermanence

Created in collaboration with Laurel Charleston, this GAN based animation is created using 10 of Charleston’s iconic art makeup photographs and then further altered in post production.

GAN Protocol: ArtBreeder
A collaboration between Zak Krevitt and Laurel Charleston

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

Wild Refuge by Zak Krevitt

Family can be hard to find in the midst of an identity shift. Sometimes we feel like imposters, sometimes we are welcomed into the herd anyway.

This is a medium format photograph taken by the artist at a wildlife sanctuary. The person in costume is a scientist and professional caretaker of the birds. They uses a hand puppet to feed the cranes without exposing them to an excess of human interaction. As the photographer, I was also in costume so as not to disrupt the birds psychologically. This photo was originally published on Topic Stories in an articled titled “Raising Crane”.

During my transition, this photograph has taken on an entirely new context for me with regard to my identity and my chosen family. It is being presented in this new context for the first time as an NFT.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

About Zak Krevitt

Zak Krevitt is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ+ communities. For over a decade, they has been working with, marching for, and fundraising alongside their queer community for a variety of related causes. Their work lives within this passion for queer advocacy, and represents their lived experiences both public and private. The work also deals heavily in concepts of transformation, post-humanism, power-exchange, anthropology, and the ability to create authenticity through photographic crystallization of reified desire. Krevitt is a Professor at the School of Visual Arts Department of Photo and Video in NYC under the guidance of Joseph Maida.

Krevitt’s work has previously been displayed in the Haus der Kunst in Germany, the Finnish Photography Museum, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and various NYC based galleries. Select photography include The New York Times, Vogue, VICE, W magazine and The New Yorker.

Bisector by Gwyn Williams

As a non-binary immigrant, my life was measured, quantified, and judged over 631 days. This piece is an act of queer defiance against that dehumanising process. A re-imagining of a previous piece from May 2021. Work number 21G23V.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers or Available for Purchase at 0.5 ETH (~$2,294)

0xW0nNd33RL4ndD: Off With Her Head

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers – Reserve price of 0.5 ETH (~$2,033)

About Gwyn Williams

Gwyn Williams is an English non-binary creative living in Canada. Their art chases 1990s and 2000s retro-futurist dreams, or ‘Win9x Fantasia’.

Born in England in 1989, the year the world wide web was born, I grew up during the dotcom bubble and the collectible toy craze of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The new millennium was to be an all-connected cyber utopia. The internet would bring all of humanity together into one global economy and community. Much of my art reflects on that period of optimism, as we once again find ourselves at the cusp of a strange new technological era. This time, they say, it will be different.

Dive In by Edgar Fabián Frías

Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. Find your center. Feel into the possibilities here.

There are moments in your life when you witness a portal open. This portal can be a gateway to an infinite array of opportunities, experiences, connections, and possibilities.

This artwork is a spell. It is an intention. It is a portal. It is a prayer.

Take another deep breath. Feel into it.

Dive in.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

About Edgar Fabián Frías

Edgar Fabián Frías is a nonbinary, queer, indigenous (Wixárika), and Latinx, multidisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and psychotherapist. They work in photography, video art, sound, sculpture, printed textiles, GIFs, performance, social practice, and community organizing, among other forms.

Born in East Los Angeles in 1983, Frías received dual BA degrees in Psychology and Studio Art from the UC, Riverside. In 2013, they received an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, with an emphasis on Interpersonal Neurobiology and Somatic Psychotherapy. Frías is currently a 2022 candidate for an MFA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley. Their work has been exhibited internationally, including the Vincent Price Art Museum, SOMArts, Oregon Contemporary, MOCA Jacksonville, Performance is Alive, Project Space Festival Juárez, and ArtBo, among others. Their work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Taschen, Bustle, Mashable, Slate, CVLT Nation, Terremoto, Hyperallergic, and other publications.

The Veil by Dawnia Darkstone x Polygon Rainbow

Pierce the Veil of your perception. What do -you- find?

A collaborative work between Letsglitchit and Polygon Rainbow utilizing video feedback, glitched LUT color profiles, 3D, animated GAN textures, datamoshing, and superb sound design.

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers or Available for Purchase at 2 ETH (~$8,411)

Pure Gold

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers or Available for Purchase at 0.340034 ETH (~$1,374)

About Dawnia Darkstone

Dawnia Darkstone, AKA Letsglitchit (she/they) has been at the forefront of brute force, non-coding based glitch art for close to 10 years. She is co-administrator of Glitch Artists Collective and affiliated groups on Facebook and has been exhibited in London, Paris, Zagreb, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and her novel work with sonification has been featured in Vice Magazine. She has garnered a certain amount of esteem in the glitch art community for her contribution of her notes and techniques which can be found on her website, in the occasional workshop, and even on her Discord server

Her most recent work has involved bringing glitch art into the real world once again with glitched embroidery and experiments with reverse sonification, physical print media corruption and live motion collage. She has also recently released a movie and a couple of zines!

Liquid Zero G by Aria Faith Jones

‘Liquid’ is a series of simulation art pieces created to calm the mind

#3 – Liquid Zero G

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

Liquid Infinity by Aria Faith Jones

‘Liquid’ is a series of simulation art pieces created to calm the mind

#2 – Liquid Infinity

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

Liquid Blue by Aria Faith Jones

‘Liquid’ is a series of simulation art pieces created to calm the mind

#1 – Liquid Blue

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

About Aria Faith Jones

Aria Faith Jones is a simulation artist from Vancouver who creates abstract simulation artwork that tells her life story in a unique way. When she is not creating artworks, she is spreading her knowledge and empowering other aspiring artists through tutorials and resource sharing through her Youtube channel and beyond.

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