We are excited to announce that SmartStudy, the creator of the cultural phenomenon Baby Shark and brand Pinkfong, will launch their first-ever Baby Shark NFT collection this December.

With the most viewed video in the history of YouTube, Pinkfong’s Baby Shark became the most recognizable earworm ever to emerge from the internet and garnered truly global status, reach and affinity. It took the world by storm, generating unprecedented amounts of engagement on the internet, certifying RIAA Diamond (11x Platinum), and recording a 20-week streak on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The world of Baby Shark now enters the world of NFTs, introducing an exclusive opportunity for fans and collectors to own the first-ever official NFT pieces from the viral sensation.

Baby Shark: Collection No. 1 on MakersPlace will offer both unique (1/1) and limited edition pieces, featuring iconic Baby Shark and his family in original, loopable animations, all accompanied by audio that references the genre-defining song.

The drop is available for preview, and goes on sale December 2, 2021 at 3:30pm PT.

Having witnessed the massive cultural impact that Baby Shark had on the world and its ability to connect people, we are thrilled to offer collectors and fans an opportunity to own a piece of the cultural icon through digital art and share equity in our journey. As a sensation born on the internet, it is a natural progression for Baby Shark to embrace NFTs, which will be a significant step of the next chapter of Baby Shark’s stamp on the digital landscape.

– Bin Jeong, CEO of Pinkfong USA, says of the upcoming drop

Baby Shark: Collection No. 1

In the artistic process of creating Baby Shark: Collection No. 1, forging a connection with the original Baby Shark was key – as was creating something striking and unique that pushed the boundaries of the brand and spoke to digital art collectors. 

Visually, Pinkfong aimed to create eye-catching digital art that remixes the Baby Shark aesthetic for the digital art audience. The journey into this new reimagined dream-like world of Baby Shark was inspired by holographic collectors’ playing cards and stickers familiar to the NFT generation, as Baby Shark forays into the world of digital collectible art.

The loopable animation is loyal to the design principles of Pinkfong’s Baby Shark while showcasing the characters like never before; collage techniques, repetition, geometric symmetry and a trance-like artistic edge. 

The accompanying music is a classically composed, bespoke, electronic movement built around the unmistakable melody, and flashes of the iconic vocal. It evolves in perfect synchronicity, layering melodic sounds into subtle crescendo moments throughout.

Baby Shark No. 1

1/1 artwork accepting offers 12/02 at 3:30 PM PST

Baby Shark Mystery Box

The five open limited editions feature Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark with their own unique flair in moving holographic style, accompanied by ambient sounds built around the original melody from “Baby Shark Dance.”

200 editions sold will trigger a 15-minute countdown for last purchases!

About Pinkfong

Pinkfong is a global entertainment brand that creates award-winning kids’ content for families around the world. Pinkfong has over 5,000 songs and stories within its vast library of children’s content, which can be accessed on the App Store and Google Play, as well as on YouTube and Amazon Video. Pinkfong’s accolades include the YouTube’s Custom Creator Award, Amazon Video Direct Star, and Google Play’s Best Family App of 2014-2017. Visit the Pinkfong website, subscribe to its YouTube channel, or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

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