Yiying Lu – Dropping 11/10 @ 3:30 PM PT

From the Twitter Whale  to Dumpling & Boba Emojis, Disney Shanghai Mickey Mouse to Conan O’Brien Pale Whale, Yiying Lu creates iconic designs & brands which transcend the linguistic barriers, unite people and enchant audiences around the world. She is also a sought-after bilingual speaker in both English and Chinese, on topics of cross-cultural design, creativity, and innovation at global conferences such as SXSW, TEDx, Adobe MAX, Web Summit and so on.

Yiying Lu is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur, educator, and bilingual speaker. She was named a “Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business”, Microsoft’s “Top 10 Emerging Leader in Innovation”, and a “Shorty Awards” winner in Design. She has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, The Atlantic, NBC News, TIME, Wired Magazine, The Verge, CNN, and BBC. She has created iconic art and campaigns for brands from Apple to Google, Adobe to Microsoft, and built brands for hundreds of tech startups during her time as a creative director at 500 Startups. Committed to bridging the gap between art and technology, Yiying also serves as Commissioner of the San Francisco Arts Commission, appointed by Mayor London Breed in April 2021.

She was born and raised in Shanghai China, educated in Sydney Australia & London UK, is currently based in San Francisco. Leveraging her cross-cultural background and experience, she strives to be a bridge between the East & the West. Her life purpose is unifying the dualities between Art & Tech, Business & Culture, Beauty & Meaning, Work & Life.

The LUminary

Experience a visual journey of signs, symbols, and meanings shaped by vivid colors and bold shapes, inspired by nature, animals, and astrology. YIYING LU’s newest series, The LUminary, invites the audience to step into a world of a whimsical, imaginary, and playful new reality through the visual interplay of Gestalt: the relationship between figure and ground.

MotionSickness – Dropping 11/11

Patric Ortmann, also known as MotionSickness, is a Germany-based visual artist. He’s worked for over a decade as a motion design artist for brands like Audi, Mercedes, VW and Nike and has created works for events, concert visuals and mappings. His work includes the production of large audiovisual media installations. Over the last few years he has developed a passion for looping 3D animations and pairing them with matching looping audio productions. He has always been fascinated by new technology and adapts the latest possibilities into the production of his artworks.


The mystic knot is known under many synonyms like eternal knot or the endless knot or the lucky diagram. The knot has many meanings and is used by many cultures. It is originated in India as a sign on Vishnu’s chest. The Knot is a strong symbol and brings abundance and good fortune to its owner. In Buddhism, the mystic knot is the sixth of the eight auspicious symbols and has many other meanings, like compassion and wisdom. In Asian culture, the mystic knot is also connected to long life, harmony, and continuity.

For this collection, the Knots have been reimagined and interpreted as they might appear in a contemporary museum installation. The vision was implemented in 4K UHD. The ∞KNOTS∞ collection encompasses all the aspects of these ancient symbols and are exhibits them here, from now to eternity…

Anna Zhilyaeva – Dropping 11/12

Inspired by her extensive background in classical fine art and new exposures to virtual reality technology, Anna Zhilyaeva seeks to build a bridge between the two disciplines, essentially creating her own style in the process: “Volumism” is a new form of painting, pioneered by Zhilyaeva, which uses VR technology to utilize volume and space to create 3D sculpted paintings which go far beyond the physical limitations of classic 2D painting.

The painted sculptures created by Zhilyaeva intentionally blend characteristics of classical fine art techniques such as oil painting with the capabilities presented by VR. This technique allows Zhilyaeva to take her story telling to the next level, literally bringing viewers into the artwork. Unlike conventional visual art mediums, with VR volumism the creation process weighs as heavily as the finished product, if not even more so.

Sparkling Moments

An existential perplexity artfully revealed through a mesmerizing live painting experience that combines components of vr, dance, music, sculpture and traditional painting techniques. In Sparkling Moments, Anna Zhilyaeva explores the rhythm of desire and the layers of the human experience with her signature “volumism” style.

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