MakersPlace Curator Ben Thomas Presents: Color // Shape // Form

Color // Shape // Form

Recently we announced the launch of MakersPlace Curators – a group of artists, collectors, and community members who are helping to bring new creative voices to our marketplace.

Today we are excited to introduce the next iteration of the program: MakersPlace Curator Group Shows!

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring visibility to new artists and artworks on the platform, we are working with our Curators to organize shows that present for sale genesis works by the artists they have brought into the MakersPlace community.

For this inaugural outing, we asked Ben Thomas to bring together new works by numerous visual artists from around the globe. Learn more about Ben’s curatorial vision below, and follow all the new artists on MakersPlace!

“Colour, Shape and Form is my first curated group show since joining MakersPlace as a curator and I couldn’t be happier to present some of my favorite artists working in the space at the moment. These artists are a perfect reflection of the kind of art I love the most. A mixture of bright vivid colour and stark colour pallettes – the minimal, right through to the complex.”

-Ben Thomas

Who is in the show:


Antonio Reinhard

Sahred Toy


Ykha Amelz

Jeff Aphisit

Habiba Green

Jason Duckmanton

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