lushsux – Dropping 10/19 at 3:30 PM PT

Lushsux is Australia’s most prolific street artist and the world’s first official meme artist and founder of the meme movement, an undeniable force within today’s internet culture. Based in Melbourne, Lushsux’s iconic works can be found on walls, buildings, and subway stations across the world. Through his practice, Lushsux has pushed graffiti and street art beyond its limits. His work has garnered the attention of many, including famed street artist Banksy, who has collaborated with Lushsux on multiple occasions.

His artwork, heavily influenced by meme culture and principles of virality, is witty, satirical, raw, and thought-provoking.


Lushsux is back and clearly has some issue with Mark Zuckerberg… along with his blindingly obvious previously existing mental issues (he has to tap his foot on the ground three times before he presses the button on the elevator to go up). He’s decided to try and soothe his pain with art centered around the very guy responsible for his pains in the first place: the infamous lizard-look-alike-but-not-a-lizard (thanks factcheckers) Mark “Zucc” Zuckerberg.

Hopefully this drop isn’t a Terms of Service violation.

YEAHYEAHCHLOE x Twix – Dropping 10/20 at 3:30 PM PT

YEAHYEAHCHLOE is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Her signature aesthetic uses clean lines and flat colors to play with the space between the hand created and the digitally produced.

Her works hold an odd familiarity – looking at how we are intimately intertwined with the objects that surround us and how these can connect us to time, place and people.

In a world that can sometimes highlight the spaces that separate us, YEAHYEAHCHLOE looks to find belonging in the simple connections within the everyday.


For the NFTWIX release, the iconic candy brand has teamed up with artist, illustrator and graphic designer YEAHYEAHCHLOE to present a sweet interpretation of the long-standing battle between left and right Twix lovers. Chloe’s NFTWIXs represent the way every Left or Right TWIX® fan feels about their favorite side—they hold the crown for greatest candy bar. And while they might look superficially similar, the two pieces couldn’t be more different: the left NFTWIX features a gold-and-crimson throne, while the right NFTWIX includes a crimson-and-metallic yellow throne. It’s all in the subtleties.

Through this release TWIX hopes to amplify and empower independent artists working within the NFT space. All net proceeds from this drop will go towards doing just that.

Perry Cooper x Reed Zimmerman – Dropping 10/21 at 3:30 PM PT

Perry Cooper

Perry Cooper is a British 3D motion graphics designer based in the United States. Cooper is known for creating playful animated loops that provide a satisfying new spin on everyday objects and experiences. His style is lively, whimsical and fresh.

Cooper has worked within digital advertising since 2003, co-founding London based digital production company ‘The Confessional’ in 2009. He’s produced online and digital outdoor content for clients such as Amazon, Armani, British Airways, Facebook, Ikea, Jaguar and Virgin Atlantic.

Reed Zimmerman

Reed Zimmerman, aka latenightrenders, is self taught C4D artist based in California. He who originally studied film but fell into the world of digital art because, “… I knew I wanted more than just a record button.” He has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Wilson Volleyball, and Taylormade golf. Before his deep dive into digital and 3D art, Zimmerman was part of a team that created content to push AI learning for video manipulations such as deep fakes and propaganda alterations.

He is known for his signature render loops which often contain satirical, surreal relationships between objects and mesmerizing dichotomies of grotesque forms with vivacious color palettes.

Hi Tea!

‘Hi Tea!’ Is the first collaboration between Perry Cooper and Latenightrenders (AKA Reed Zimmerman).

The collection is a clash of Perry’s British heritage and Reed’s eye for the surreal and mechanical. Like the after effects of a caffeine and sugar high, somewhere between a tea room and a day dream. Steampunk, fairy tales and fantasy have all been inspirations in bringing this tea set to life!

Please join us and say, ‘Hi Tea!’ …If that’s your cup of tea.

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