The phenomenon of remixes has always been very controversial in the history of art. 

Today, in the world of digital art, is even more questionable. 

REMIX ME is not a simple art project; it is an experiment, a collective effort to open the discussion about the present and the future of copyright and ownership. 

It is, simultaneously, very simple: you remix us, we remix you. 

If you’d like, there are guidelines. If not, there aren’t. 

In any of these cases, you will still be part of the bigger endeavor for art and its community to keep pushing the boundaries of society and humanity. 

How To Participate as an Artist

1. Download the digital file of the “Remix Me” artwork

 2. Create your artwork, submit it and accept the terms and conditions at the link below

By submitting the Work and the documentation, you accept the Project Regulations.

3. A select number of remixes will be hand-selected by Hackatao, Eleonora Brizi and Piselli & Partners

The selected artists will have their works remixed by artist duo Hackatao. If not already on the platform, they will also be invited to join on MakersPlace platform and be able to mint their NFT(s): first, the work for the “Remix Me” project and later their other creations. 

3. The REMIX ME collective project will take place over four drops.

There will be four official drops taking place over three months (September, October and November).

Each drop presents the “Collective Work” created by Hackatao, who will in turn remix the remixed works presented by the participating artists. Each selected artwork (1/1) will also be auctioned as part of the drop.

When the NFT of the “Collective Work” is sold, a percentage is also transferred to the artists selected for the remixes used in that specific remix, to enhance their participation.

Artists can choose to allocate a portion of their individual sales to Hackatao as a collaborator or to keep 100%.


In addition to all this, we have a special fil rouge that will accompany the whole project and live even further: the Dynamic Token. A token that is mutable in time, changes its data, meaning that it is an artwork in constant evolution.

Each time the Dynamic Token changes, Hackatao creates and auctions an NFT, which represents the crystallization – or snapshot – of the new work of art (so-called collective work or remixing of remixes).

The proceeds from the sale are shared between the organizers, the collector, and the artists selected by Hackatao for the collective work. Each time the collective work changes and different artists are involved, different artists will be inserted in the smart contract of the Dynamic Token for revenues and royalties on that specific Remix of Remixes of which they are part. 

The collector of the Dynamic Token plays a fundamental role in the project:

He/she agrees to the derivation of additional NFTs by Hackatao;

He/she agrees that the NFT purchased by him/her will change over time, accepting any visual modification of the work upstream, without being able to oppose it.

The organizers, therefore, recognize a % to the collector, who makes his/her WORK available to Hackatao, so that further NFTs independent from the Dynamic Token can derive from it.

If the collector decides to sell the Dynamic Token, he/she will continue to receive the same% on the sales of the NFTs of the collective works issued before the sale. For each NFT issued after the sale, the buyer of the Dynamic Token will take over.

Commission Percentages on Crystallizations / Snapshots Sale 

Drop #1: 26% Hackatao – 26% Selected Artists – 26% Dynamic Token Collector – 11% Piselli&Partners Law Firm – 11% Breezy 

Drop #2: 26% Hackatao – 26% Selected Artists – 26% Dynamic Token Collector – 11% Piselli&Partners Law Firm – 11% Breezy 

Drop #3: 26% Hackatao – 26% Selected Artists – 26% Dynamic Token Collector – 11% Piselli&Partners Law Firm – 11% Breezy 

Drop #4: 26% Hackatao – 26% Selected Artists – 26% Dynamic Token Collector – 11% Piselli&Partners Law Firm – 11% Breezy 

Commission Percentages for Dynamic Token Sale 

52% Hackatao – 26% Selected Artists – 11% Piselli&Partners Law Firm – 11% Breezy

We hope that the community will enjoys this project and the discussion towards progress and enhancement of the NFT art space, fully supported by technology. 

Feel free to reach out to Hackatao with any questions or comments on their Telegram channel:

Be sure to subscribe to the MakersPlace Drops Page for updates on the REMIX ME project.  

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