Nolan Bushnell x Zai Ortiz – Dropping 10/12

Nolan Bushnell, “The Father of the Video Game Industry,” and his frequent collaborator Zai Ortiz – the celebrated creative director whose work is highlighted by cutting-edge technology in Hollywood, are making their debut into the NFT space, with the release of the Arcade OG Series.

As one of Newsweek’s “50 Men That Changed America”, Bushnell is the quintessential technology pioneer, entrepreneur, scientist, and engineer. He is best known as the Founder of Atari Corporation and also boasts the credit as the first and only person to hire Steve Jobs. Zai Ortiz is the visionary behind the studio Dark Matter and is credited for influencing modern AI design through his work in feature films and games.

From the award-winning murder mystery board game St. Noire, Silicon Valley’s first tech incubator Catalyst Technologies, Bushnell and Ortiz have focused their careers on pushing boundaries beyond the status quo and discovering the next generation of technology can bring to gaming and entertainment. Arcade OG transcends history by revisiting a piece of our past and turning it into an asset of the future.

The Arcade OG Series

The Arcade OG Series is inspired by two of Nolan Bushnell’s most iconic creations: Computer Space, the first arcade video game, and Pong, the sensation whose commercial success launched the electronic gaming industry. The MakersPlace release offers ownership of five original, immersive videos, which take the viewer from the arcade and into Computer Space (both single-player and two-player versions) and Pong (both table-top and arcade versions).

Each of the five NFTs comes with ownership of a one-of-a-kind augmented reality (AR) experience, which allows the owner to place a full-scale rendering of their console in any environment – put the original Pong in your living room, share your Computer Space console on social media, and beyond.

Quiccs – Dropping 10/13

Quiccs is a Filipino art director, illustrator, graffiti artist and toy designer. His style is deeply rooted in his love for Japanese robot characters and shows. He has represented the Philippines in many international events and gained respect in the toy art world through his unique creative style.

His created realm of ‘Bulletpunk’ has since been translated into toys, illustrations, wall pieces, live art murals, t-shirts and other merchandise. His most recent project was a sell out collaboration with Adidas and NBA superstar James Harden.

The OG 5 Collection

Internationally acclaimed Filipino toy designer Quiccs brings his “Bulletpunk” universe to MakersPlace. Curated by IV Gallery “The OG 5 Collection” showcases the original five color variations of his signature Teq63 character. The collection embodies his deeply rooted style, with his love for Japanese Robot Culture and Hip-hop influences of his youth. The OG collection is the genesis of the Bulletpunk universe expansion into the NFT space.

Hackatao – Dropping 10/14

“Hack” for the pleasure of discovering what’s hidden under the skin; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance.

Hackatao is an artists duo born in Milan in 2007, pioneering the crypto art space since 2018. Their very unique style, the combination of an extra detailed drawn part and a colorful painted flat style, makes them stand out at first glimpse. The harmonious and continuous flow of drawings, at times recalling the graffiti art in the play of fluxes and connections, finds its “cage “and home in the very defined pop borders and figures, resulting in a uniform visual whole.

Hackatao’s involvement and contribution to the crypto art space community are crucial. Constantly experimenting with new digital tools and artistic medium, their work boasts many collaborations with artists in the visual art space, as well as in different disciplines, such as music and poetry.

Hackatao’s art pieces often contain commentaries on important issues within society, environment, humanity and crypto, as well as referencing art history, symbolism and psychology.


Pioneering cryptoart duo Hackatao, are breaking open the concept of remix art and diving straight in, exploring many of the questions mentioned above through a collective community art project. Alongside Piselli and Partners law firm and curator Eleonora Brizi (Breezy), Hackatao is calling on the cryptoart community at large to help explore the meaning and implications of what it means to remix a piece of art.

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