Tyler Gordon

His beginning was simple, a young kid with a school project that needed to be done. Tyler’s mom wanted him to pick something easy to execute but he begged her relentlessly to allow him to paint until she gave in and purchased the simple art products that would change his life. That was a mere 4 years ago, and not only did he win but today Tyler’s artwork has taken the world by storm having painted and gifted many of today’s hottest celebrities and influencers since his humble beginnings including Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliot and Kevin Hart to name a select few.

Not one to be confused as an overnight sensation, Tyler has worked hard his entire young life throughout the struggles and disparities that have plagued him. It was at the age of five that it was discovered that he was born deaf. After a life altering surgery a year later helped him to gain some of his hearing and allowed him to learn how to speak, he was left with a severe stutter that many of his peers used as ammunition to taunt and bully him. Later Tyler found himself facing another setback as he was left wheelchair bound for two years due to a vitamin deficiency.

But Tyler never let those circumstances define him and today he is a bonafide, artistic prodigy with his work being seen on a litany of outlets and platforms including the Today Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC, USA Today, CBS Nightly News, Essence Magazine. Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots and much more.

Recently Tyler became a media phenom after he painted a photo of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris that quickly went viral being retweeted by a host of influencers including Chelsea Clinton and eventually resulting in VP Harris calling Tyler to personally thank him for creating the portrait in her honor.

Today, Tyler’s work has been featured in a host of galleries including being on display in Beverly Hills, California as part of the “Heirs To The Throne” art gallery exhibit presented by The Lost Warhols Museum as well as his outdoor art gallery exhibition in Tribeca, New York. He recently executed both a black history and women’s history month national campaign with Disney, contributed to the inauguration of President Joe Biden and will release his first book as an author in fall 2021.

CommonSpirit Health

As one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, CommonSpirit Health® is committed to building healthier communities, advocating for those who are poor and vulnerable, and innovating how and where healing can happen. With a large geographic footprint representing diverse populations across the U.S. and a mission to serve the most vulnerable, CommonSpirit Health is a leader in advancing the shift from sick care to well care, and advocating for social justice.

Beyond The Barriers

Tyler Gordon is one of the nation’s most celebrated young artistic prodigies, having achieved national acclaim for the portraits he painted of Vice President Kamala Harris, Oprah Winfrey, Lebron James and several other icons from brown and black communities. Tyler understands first-hand the struggles minority communities experience while seeking quality care through his own personal health journey having faced significant health challenges in his young life. Building off his personal experiences and passions, he has chosen to partner with CommonSpirit Health to support their health equity efforts to end disparities, increase representation in health care, and create a more just world for all.

All net proceeds from “Beyond the Barriers” will go to CommonSpirit Health Foundation’s health equity fund. These funds will be just like Tyler, a bright light in an often dark world that shows each of us the healing power of humanity.


Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting Offers only

*A 24 hour auction will ensue once reserve price is met

*Owner will receive physical artwork


Editions: 10
Pricing: $400

*Final edition will be auctioned


Editions: 10
Pricing: $400

*Final edition will be auctioned


All editions will be open for 24 hours, from 3:30 PM PST on 9/29 to 3:30 PM PST on 9/30 unless 50 editions are sold, in which case a 15 minute closing countdown will be triggered.

Aspirations Actualized

Editions: Open Limited Edition
Pricing: $199

*All editions will be open for 24 hours, from 3:30 PM PST on 9/29 to 3:30 PM PST on 9/30 unless 50 editions are sold, in which case a 15 minute closing countdown will be triggered.

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