We are extremely excited to announce our new focus on music-backed NFTs, including a new partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and a number of exciting drops with musical icons Shakira, Tom Morello, T-Pain.

MakersPlace is committed to bringing more music and music talent to our platform. Musicians can either discover or be matched with digital artists on our platform to collaborate on unique audio-visual experiences. The resulting NFTs can be minted and offered securely and authentically to our growing community of collectors.

Fans will be able to discover and acquire works by their favorite artists with ease. As a means of bridging physical and NFT collecting, we have prioritized accessibility since our inception, accepting both cryptocurrency (ETH) and non-cryptocurrency (USD) payments to increase the ease of on-boarding for new collectors.

Building on the news that Sony Music Entertainment participated in our recent Series A funding round – alongside notable names including Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, 3LAU and more – we are honored to announce a new formal development partnership with SME to bring NFTs from their leading artists onto the MakersPlace platform, including the upcoming drop by Shakira.

“Over the last year we have seen strong demand from our community for music-inspired NFTs – from collaborations between Deadmau5 and leading digital artist Alan Bolton, to Korn and graphic + 3D artist Dreamonaut. We want to expand our offerings in this space by providing the platform, tools and curatorial support to help bring great audio-visual works to life on the blockchain. We are thrilled to partner with Sony Music, who shares our strong commitment to leading the NFT space, and to provide a streamlined path for their musicians to create and offer new art.”

– Dannie Chu, CEO of MakersPlace



“I’m always looking for new avenues for artistic expression-so when Gerard showed me the Kobe Bryant piece by Boss that he bought for his own personal collection, I immediately became a fan, and when the time came to do my own pieces, he reached out to him via social media and the rest is history. Creating the audio for Boss’s visuals was so much fun and I’m excited to dip my toes into the NFT waters with this first collection.”

La Caldera

La Caldera collection, a digital art collaboration by Shakira and BossLogic, depicts the fantastical world of Caloris, a place ruled by women in an intergalactic landscape as they grapple with the arrival of both friendly and unfriendly visitors. Art-directed by both artists in a retro-futuristic style with a nod to the look and feel of vintage posters and graphic novels, the collection features 4 original audio pieces produced by and featuring Shakira to accompany this vibrant adventure where mythological themes are played out in a delightfully colorful post-modern world.

The Order of Karros

“NFT’s provide an awesome way to bring to life the incredible D&D characters I’ve enjoyed playing for years. THE ORDER OF KARROS is basically a supergroup of my entire history playing the game. Peter’s artwork is extraordinary and electrifies this collection of warriors and heroes and writing new kick ass music for each character has also been a blast.” 

-Tom Morello

Tom Morello, the multiple Grammy Award winning guitarist of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, is a lifetime fan of the fantasy role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. THE ORDER OF KARROS is an NFT collection of the characters and heroes he has played from his childhood basement in Libertyville, Illinois to high stakes celebrity games in the Hollywood Hills. 

GENERAL KIMATHI STORMHOLLOW (a grizzled dwarven warrior atop his armored polar bear mount, Brago), CRICK EVERVENGE (a headless Dullahan Paladin cracking a spine whip), GOLDENFIELD (a hulking Minotaur barbarian), PASTOR VINDUS (a shadowy cleric of war) and their leader, THE BLACK FEATHER (a Joan Of Arc-like Aasimar fallen angel) are brought to life by the incredible artwork of Peter Mohrbacher. 

Each NFT is scored with original music by Morello, providing a wailing soundtrack to adventure. 

T-PAIN X D.O.M. – Dropping 9/24
The Phoenix

T-Pain, the Florida native that changed the music industry forever with his use of Auto-Tune and hits like Buy U A Drank, I’m Sprung, Bartender, is releasing his debut NFT project with MakersPlace. T-Pain is known for being a trailblazer and innovator in all of his endeavours, and this will be one of the first NFT projects from a major artist to include a new album. Designed in collaboration with D.O.M., the collection is based on the album title The Phoenix, and will include three visually stunning NFTs embodying the essence of the album and T-Pain himself. The project will not only offer unreleased music, but limited physical giveaways as well as a rare experience for the buyer of the edition of one.

Carbon Offsetting

All three collections (La Caldera, The Order of Karros and The Phoenix) will be offset using Aerial, a sustainability platform that calculates carbon emissions based on associated energy use. The offsets will be allocated to high-quality forest conservation projects verified by American Carbon Registry and to emerging technologies such as Charm industrial that capture carbon from biomass waste and permanently store it underground.

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