“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”  – Pablo Picasso

Throughout history, we’ve seen artists draw inspiration from their peers. Paul Gaugin’s Spirit of the Dead Walking and Cezanne’s A Modern Olympia are both thought to be inspired by Édouard Manet’s Olympia, which is thought to be inspired by Titian’s Venus of Urbino. Da Vinci is at the center of a number of less subtle “remixes” including Andy Warhol’s The Last Supper, Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q and many others.

Remix culture is alive and well within today’s contemporary art scene as well with artworks like Banksy’s Show Me The Monet highlighting the appreciation and interest collectors and the community have for remixed artworks- sometimes at the same level as the art that inspired it. The crypto-art/NFT art space has seen its own remix movement, which has sparked a great deal of controversy, debate and passionate reaction within the community.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but where is the line drawn between inspiration, interpretation, imitation, appropriation and flat out infringement? How do you differentiate one from the other, especially as it pertains to art? How are profits determined in these situations? Where do copyright and intellectual property laws fit in?

On the other side of the argument -How do remixes or reinterpretations work to uplift and compliment the original artwork? How do they alter our perceptions and perspectives? What does a “consensual remix” look like?]

Pioneering cryptoart duo Hackatao, who have been at the receiving end of many “remixes” themselves, are breaking open the concept of remix art and diving straight in, exploring many of the questions mentioned above through a collective community art project.

Alongside Piselli and Partners law firm and curator Eleonora Brizi (Breezy) Hackatao is calling on the cryptoart community at large to help explore the meaning and implications of what it means to remix a piece of art.

Learn about the project guidelines here.

About Hackatao

Hackatao is a renowned artist duo birthed in Milan in 2007, who has been pioneering the crypto art space since 2018. They are known across the community for their iconic contemporary creation style which incorporates elements of street art, graphic design, tattoo art and more. Hackatao’s artworks span across mediums and artistic genres, yet almost always carry important social commentary, often centered psychology, humanity, the environment and crypto. Their artworks include a number of symbols, nods to pop culture and historic references.

Their distinct and unique style, a combination of incredulously detailed hand-drawn artwork and a colorful, vibrantly painted 2D design style, makes the duo stand out amongst the growing community of crypto artists. The harmonious and continuous flow of drawings, at times recalling the graffiti art in the play of fluxes and connections, finds its “cage “and home in the very defined pop borders and figures, resulting in a uniform visual whole.

Their name, Hackatao, is a combination of the words Hack for diving beyond the surface to discovery meanings and understandings, and Tao, a reference to the Yin and Yang of their creative dynamic balance. As early crypto art pioneers, the duo are amongst the most celebrated crypto art OGs and have consistently remained on the list for top 10 highest grossing crypto artists of all time. 

About Breezy Gallery

Breezy Gallery exists at the crossroads of art and technology, investigating the spirit of our time. It promotes digital art and crypto art (NFTs), through the curation and creation of content. 

Breezy was founded in 2018 by art curator Eleonora Brizi to create bridges between the worlds of technology and contemporary art. Curation is the process by which art finds its voice and value. Breezy ensures that each project has its own unique curation, every artist has their story told, and every artwork finds its chapter in our narrative universe.

About Piselli and Partners Law Firm

As part of its reflections on the most recent outcomes of the interaction between art and technology, and the ArTech&Finance sector, the Piselli & Partners law firm have launched as a specific disciplinary and consulting space with the aim of accompanying clients (artists, gallerists, banks, companies, private clients, cultural institutions, collectors, foundations, museums, etc.) towards innovative and ethical fruition of art.

Statement from the Artist Team


We find ourselves here in the highest planes of Olympus. Dike, daughter of Zeus and Themis, because of her integrity and impartiality called Justice.

With the web and technology as the architects of a Golden Age 2.0, we bring her back to us humans, on Earth, to question her and trust her.

We can only do it through Art.

Justice, always depicted with a blindfold, to which are added a scale and sword which in Hackatao’s vision appears under the guise of a paintbrush.

The screen of the smartphone becomes the Table of the Law, to remind us how much in our contemporaneity the web is the sovereign judge, with the infinite window opened by the internet and from personal and collective exposure on social media.

However, this blindfolded goddess sees us very well, daughter of her time and participant in the most innovative and avant-garde dynamics. As has been the case for centuries, she does so through art.

She holds a paintbrush in her hand but she “dresses up” in digital.

She paints herself but she does it on a screen and even more she decides to (re)paint herself.

She gives herself possibilities of change, and of reincarnation. She lives and will live again every time she is reborn in one of her REMIXes.

She is a wise and brash goddess, just and defiant.

It is she who pursues what in millennia has caused research and death, poisoning and discovery: the elixir of eternal life. She is on her way to open discussion and dialogue, keeping alive the intellectual confrontation that has kept societies all over the world thriving and towards the future.

This work of Hackatao – which manifests itself through the two faces of her soul, physical and digital – wants to start and trace the way to the discussion on copyright in the digital art world, with the collaboration of the law firm Piselli & Partners.

It represents a starting point and a use case for the law firm’s proposal of new copyright enforcement regulations and ideas, through art itself in the form of artwork.

To do so, the artists propose that the artwork itself be part of a real experiment that can lead to further developments and advances in this field, specifically referring to the world of digital art certified through blockchain technology (crypto art). 

To support this, a special fil rouge will accompany the whole project and live even further: the Dynamic Token. A token that is mutable in time, changes its data; an artwork in constant evolution and recognizing in its royalties the ownership of the different actors which participate in this process of creation.

The Hackatao duo expresses its position regarding the particular phenomenon of “remix” in art, proposing themselves that this work is “remixed”: “REMIX ME”. This experiment is also intended to analyze how the sharing of the work and the widespread use of the same among a greater number of users can increase its value. Not only commercial – a simple consequence – but above all artistic, referring to this process as a true ARTISTIC OPERATION.

Where the rights stand in all of this, we will find out through the proposal of the law firm, the response of the crypto community and the discussion that will be opened among the various existing platforms. But above all through the reaction and the “gesture” of those who see first and far: the artists.”

-Eleonora Brizi of Breezy

Remix Me, Part 2 (Coming 10/14!)

13 unique one of a kind remixes and the latest Hackatao “Snapshot” dropping 10/14 at 3:30 PM PT. View the full artworks and learn more here.

Including the artwork and contributions of Niro Perrone, VaBie, Vittorio Gennari, Stocci, Justa Ratio, Apocalypse Pictures, Trevor Sleeman, Adriano Tenore, undeadlu, Federico Bebber, Erich Caparas and Erickson Tahil, A. L. Crego, Mariauve and Hackatao.


18 unique one of a kind remixes. View the full artworks and learn more here.

Including the artwork and contributions of insighbart, Reinhard Schmid, Rinascimento.io, Combugnera, gio_roman87, MaterManto, SYVY, Renzo Nucara, Sidetrac, Dominique, Czerednikow, Lord Olu-Adegbile III, Skye Nicolas, Vittorio Bonapace, Sarah The Colorist, AbracaDora, Ducking Whimsical, Edaxer, xibot and Hackatao.

The Dynamic Token

At the center of this project is the “dynamic token” – An evolving NFT which will change to reflect the most recent Hackatao/community remix. Each drop will include the community artworks that comprise each remix, as well as a 1/1 snapshot of the Remix result – immortalizing the remixed creation as the dynamic token continues to evolve. 

The owner of the dynamic token will be listed as a collaborator on, and receive a 26% royalty of all subsequent snapshot sales while they own the dynamic token (excluding the first snapshot).

*The dynamic token has been SOLD to 888 for 88.8 ETH (~$262,346).

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