Drop Creators minting on their personal ETH wallets must first grant token approval to give Send Permission for their MakersPlace tokens, which allows MakersPlace to deliver the artworks upon sale.

🎨 The artwork featured in this article’s header is “The Kite” by Monfa

Follow the steps below to grant token approval:

1. Connect your new personal wallet under your account settings.

2. When logged in, go to token approval.

3. Verify that the wallet listed in your profile matches the wallet you are using to mint.

3. Double-check that you have the wallet extension open AND that you are logged in to the corresponding wallet.

4. Click “Give Token Approval.”

5. A wallet extension pop-up will appear. Hit “Approve.”

6. Send the Etherscan tx to a MakersPlace team member to verify the interaction was successful.

That’s it!

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